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The Book of Dad

Dr. Robert Benson

The Book of Dad – I’m OK, You’re OK; a Parent deals with their Transgender Child

Historic behaviorists and psychologists toiled to determine the triggers of an individual’s perception of their place in and view of their surroundings. Certainly, we want to believe there is a cookie cutting process that guarantees the traditional outcome, outcome to the end of heterosexual normalcy, at least we all hope. Conversely and perhaps controversially a substantial sample of the population doesn’t see themselves as “OK” or their surroundings as “OK” as they fit in it. Herein lies sources of complexity and possible sexuality confusion, to an extreme extent personal identity or transexualism: choosing to become a person of the opposite sex. It’s an individual choice, or is it? Enter the parent, and others affected by the decision of someone to become “transsexual”, or “transgender”. Today we talk to the parent of a Transgender young adult , Mrs. Rolanda Schmidt, PhD. Dr. Schmidt, a survival story in her own right vents, and discusses challenges of being the parent of a self proclaimed Transgender adult, while simultaneously parenting her other children. She also breaks the news about her soon to be released book “7 Things You Should Know Before They Play the Game”. Her book offers hints on possible prevention and signs to look for. She discusses how she strives to envision herself as OK in a world that might not be OK unless changes are made.

Rolanda Schmidt, PhD

Rolanda Schmidt, formerly Rolanda Delamartinez, born and raised in Florida and moved to the Midwest two decades ago. Raised by her father and bonus mom in a very religious home, she experienced trouble in what seemed like a childhood paradise when she was kidnapped and abused at the tender age of 12. After surviving that tumultuous ordeal; being reunited with her father and stabilizing her life, she married at the tender age of 18, and gave birth to her first child (show subject). These experiences shaped the woman she is today and taught her the importance of living in truth. She uses these experiences to season her public speaking engagements; specifically advising followers to put God first, take positive action, and “believe in others before they believe in themselves”.

Rolanda’s motto: Each day feels like a new tomorrow. Thanks to the self-sacrificing efforts of her husband, children/bonus children, friends, family, and mentors: Rolanda L. Schmidt is an entrepreneur, author, scholar, motivational speaker, and community servant. Her greatest joy is being a Christ follower, wife, mother/bonus mom. An inspiring, politician she was the first African American DFL endorsed candidate for MN State Representative in District 52A (2008).

Dr. Schmidt gained a wealth of corporate and nonprofit experience working as the Director of Marketing and Development at Prevent Child Abuse MN; and as founder and CEO of a tax accounting firm for 17 years while consulting as a member of the accounting staff at companies such as Target Headquarters, HB Fuller, Securian Financial, and US Bank. An internationally sought after speaker for corporate, religious, non-profit, community, and youth groups, Rolanda’s been featured various Minnesota Press venues, and on Fox 9 news. A Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM), PhD in International Finance, she continues to broaden her scholarly expertise conducting research in Public Policy and Nonprofit Management.