Spirituality and Philosophy

Adventures Into Reality

Andrew Bartzis

Adventures into Reality – Second Interview with Nathalie

Today Andrew is joined again by his ever so eloquent guest Nathalie. The Akashic records of this world and 20.000 other worlds are open to you……enjoy!

Andrew and Nathalie masterfully weave through subjects such as:

  •  Imagination and belief systems, how much do they effect our reality
  • Ghosts, deja vu’s, dreams, ancestral hauntings
  • The holographic universe, our brain and photonic light body
  • Accepting our multidimensional expression through daily practices
  • Finding peace of mind, how to clear your space and bring in silence through ceremony
  • The mastering of particular talents: telekineses, aerokineses, hydrokineses, pyrokinesesclairvoyance, clairsentience…….

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