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Healing From Within – Moving Past Conventional Thinking In Business To Freedom Of Spirit

In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, a book that explores the content of our mind and soul through a greater understanding of Universal energy for manifesting a healthy and abundant purposeful life welcomes guest David Howitt author of Heed The Call, a book about following your path creating a life of abundance and joy and doing your part to repair the world. David is the founder and CEO of Meriwether Group and is a visionary entrepreneur and advisor who has guided the financial strategic brand and marketing of companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.

David Howitt, in the spirit of Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero’s Journey, illustrates how by following the guiding principles that exist in every culture it can lead entrepreneurs to success . David offers 11 guiding principles that work in conjunction with our life experiences and provide the way to discover one’s true calling… achieving liberating and life-altering opportunities for personal growth. By uniting artistry and analytics and integrating intuition with intellect we will see how we positively affect the way we live and the world around us birthing a new reality and building a future of unlimited possibilities.

At 22 years of age, David left his known world leaving Chicago and small town protective way of life behind to begin his heroes journey..there was a faint song singing within and a voice saying there is more to life than this. This is how the heroes journey begins for each of us at whatever age the heart opens and awakens whether it comes from our inner soul voice or our intellect asking questions we are moved to begin a search of self investigation for self improvement and to answer to our sense of right or wrong moving beyond the constraints of our socialization processes and belief systems. So it is for those who dare to invite change and growth into their perceptions. Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing And Infinite Love shares this search for beauty, peace and inner love of life and Self which is actually the awakening of our subconscious Universal Energy or the voice of intuition and of our eternal soul connections to Universal Wisdom.

David writes that the intuitive skills he had as a boy were not learned and revealed to him something quite valuable in understanding our inner and physical worlds.

In the foreword of Heed Your Call, Brian Johnson, a futurist for Intel describes the process of future casting and states that our future is not a fixed point on the horizon but that it is being built every single day by our actions and our actions are the results of our thoughts. David tells us how important and useful this concept is to beginning to focus on what we wish to achieve during our lives. In Sheryl’s new book “The Living Spirit” as a medium and intuitive healer she shares her thought that by focusing on positive thoughts following through with actions that honor and respect others we draw people and experiences that reflect our behavior. While letting go of the negative impulses that also enter our thoughts, we utilize an important energetic principle “The Law of Attraction” which says we call to ourselves that which we place our attention thoughts and emphasis on. Sheryl suggests to David not only are we creating and manifesting our goals and wishes in this life but we are also creating our next life experience by how we live and develop now.

Science supports these ideas as atoms and molecules are in constant motion and vibration and these vibrations create energy and their energy create things and as our minds are nothing more than a collection of atoms vibrating all the time our thoughts originate there, stimulating vibration and ultimately becoming tangible objects and actionable ideas so we can deduce there is no separation between thought and thing. So by being mindful of our thoughts we can create those things we wish to become the building blocks of our future.

Brian goes on to say the future is not a result of is not accidental or is the conscious and consistent projection of thought and action towards creating what is desired. We are active participants and knowing we are living in a world where we are surrounded by supreme intelligence both human and technological offers us powerful resources.

In being thoughtful about the relationships we choose to invest in we may mindfully consider the work we do and Heed the Call challenges us to commit to inner personal improvement and encourages new ways of thinking for building a better tomorrow. David also realizes we have a personal calling and gifts to share with the world and can add to building an evolved more humane human population.

David shares 11 Transformational tools useful for recognizing and incorporating ideas and creative actions into your life patterns or fulfilling your life journey or plan.

  1. Trust (In your own greatness)
  2. Surrender (To your Higher Purpose)
  3. Empathy (Tapping Into Intuition)
  4. Living in Flow (Riding the wave of Life Staying Connected to Source Energy)
  5. The Power of Co-Creation (An Infinite field of Possibilities)
  6. Empowerment (Be a Vessel for Change)
  7. Embracing Your Shadow (The Gifts of your Dark Side)
  8. Integration (The Power of And)
  9. Invoking Your Archetypes (To Help You Through Your Journey)
  10. Universal Message The convergence of Myth Science Spirituality Psychology Business Religion
  11. Universal Connectedness Defining Moment Fulfillment and Giving Back..Reaching your Hero Status

The Power of And in chart form shows : The Left Brain as Science and Commerce and the Right Brain as Spirituality and Entrepreneurship

  • Process
  • Systems
  • Details
  • Analysis
  • Logic
  • Results
  • Finance Numbers
  • Holistic
  • Creative (Design Synthesis)
  • Intuition
  • Story
  • Value
  • Brand
  • Consumer
  • Meaning and Purpose

Intuition + Intellect= Abundance and Meaningful Life

David says that Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers don’t have to become statistics of doom and gloom as part of their retirement scenarios. US News and World Report reveals that today’s retirees live on $27,000 a year forcing 20 percent to continue working. There are other options. Contrary to popular belief most entrepreneurs aren’t 20-somethings fresh out of college. According to the Wall Street Journal the median age is 40 with 70 percent already married and 60 percent with children. Most entrepreneurs 75 percent in fact, have put in significant career time. Experience brings dividends..learning who you are and what you love makes it easier to follow your muse and embrace the principles that can make success effortless and even fun.

David has many stories of some leading entrepreneurs and how their success happened including Dave’ Killer Bread, Oregon Chai and Vogitoes to name a few.

David has Heed Your Call divided into 3 Sections entitled,” Initiation, Your Mentors and Guides, and Mastery.” David tells us how this structure illuminates the Hero’s Journey and how he uses the words, God divinity and The Universe throughout the book. Those three words are used interchangeably not focusing on a specific god from a specific religion, but rather the greater being or source of life you believe in. This book supports the individual in their own personal development regardless of their belief systems. What comes from within your divine source of soul or life is nothing in regard to the socialization process for living in the physical realm. It is this inner knowing that is what will guide you forward to find your path, heed your call, and venture into the unknown to discover the greatest truths of your own existence.

David mentions Dr. Daniel M. Wegner’s Ironic Monitoring Process which defines a kind of self fulfilling prophecy that suggests our minds do not see a difference between I want and I don’t want and our thoughts only know how to create a vibration so this vibration attracts the content of what we are putting our attention on. An example David gives of this is; “if your internal dialogue says, “I don’t want my husband to leave me”, you will likely attract a spouse who abandons you because the vibration given out was “leave me””. It seems, “our fears, as irrational as they may seem, vibrate into the collective unconscious.”

Daniel writes; “His process says that when we repress awareness of anything, we invariably hone in on every expression or experience related to that which we repress”. “He says that when we travel through our journey, acting in ways to avoid being criticized, we denounce recognition of our behaviors that should receive criticism. In doing so, we become hyperaware and attracted to anyone who reminds us of those traits we are trying so desperately to deny.”

David’s high school football Coach Bar and his Grandma Lena helped him to nurture connectivity with others. They both shared the belief that all humanity is a single unit, undivided and connected by some greater force. I came to believe in oneness, the interconnectivity of us all on a universal level…There is no” I” in team . We each bring our unique gifts and contributions to the whole of all beings. We teach- we learn- we give- we receive—or at least that is how it is designed to be. However I also learned and needed guidance on how to take care of my emotional and spiritual well-being as we can not only live to please others and sometimes too much giving and doing for others leaves our own needs unmet. By focusing inward with a level of compassion and love for myself David knew he would serve others better.

David goes on to speak of the Empathic Field or this quantum domain known as Collective Consciousness which is important to understand to see how Energy and the Manifestation of what we want or need in our lives comes from utilizing the laws of energy effectively.

In science, our energy field or where we all exist universally is known as the quantum domain, that level of existence beyond the tangible, beyond matter, an unbroken wholeness in flowing movement. The quantum domain is habitat to all information, energy, intuition and interconnectedness. This quantum domain is what we know as the collective consciousness and is sometimes referred to as the empathic field. It connects all things. It is all things and there was no beginning to it, and it has no end. Sheryl calls this Universal Energy.. As Dr. Backster noticed while observing human cells- when separated from the host still responded to the emotions of the subject whose cells were being we are literally masses of energy and our emotions and thoughts are vibrations of these emotions.

David and Sheryl have explored the integration of myth, sciences, spirituality and business as the way forward to truly understanding ourselves and the possibilities for creating and living our dreams to the fullest. In Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit, she has explored the world of energy through her experiences as a Reiki energy practitioner and Mediumship offering an understanding of the Universal Oneness of the Collective Consciousness and the interconnectiveness of all life. David through his life experiences and business approaches has also lived the journey of the hero in his story and offered the reader a way to find personal professional and soul success through awareness, love, empathy and compassion and improved thoughts and perceptions.

David writes, “One afternoon when I was struggling to find my place in the world, someone I deeply admired gave me Dan Pink’s book, “A Whole New Mind” and this book was nothing short of life changing.”Until I received the book I often wondered,” Am I a left-brain executive or a right brain humanitarian?” As I read I was awakened to the concept of an integrated approach to life, one where we use a whole-brain strategy, where logic, creativity, and analytical and artistic thinking are all implemented. It was as if Pink gave me the permission I needed to embrace both sides of my personality and all my gifts. I was invited to cultivate my innate ability to toggle back and forth between my left brain qualities and those of my right brain. Dan Pink says that it is “not enough to rely on intellect alone. We need to develop empathy as well. It is the integration of logic and care that best serves others and ourselves…I thought “Oh my God I know who I am. I’m both logical and creative. I am an integration of the two……”

Sheryl and David would ask you to recognize the dual nature of your life, your physical and spiritual world, your logical and creative impulses, your male and female energies, your conscious and unconscious mind and your soul and physical being always moving towards the unity oneness and integration of these parts of yourself so you may access the best of all worlds: the Seen and the Unseen and create a healthy prosperous life experience.

Guest: David Howitt