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Wholehearted Parenting

Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP

Wholehearted Parenting – In the Present Moment…Who Would You Be Without Your Thoughts?

Parents, do you find yourself frustrated or angry with your children?  Yes, we’ve all had those kind of days!  What about the days when we get frustrated or angry with ourselves?   I think we’ve all experienced our fair share of incessant thoughts and chatter that race through our mind each day, sometimes on overdrive.  You’ve probably heard the saying “your thoughts become your beliefs…then you act from those beliefs”.  Have you ever consciously stopped and examined your thoughts?  Really stopped yourself in the middle of one of those thoughts?  What if you took the time to push the pause button, before you acted on your thoughts?  I wonder how you’d be if you didn’t believe your thoughts…how would that change you?    How might your day and relationships be different?

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a retreat at Omega Institute.  The retreat was facilitated by Byron Katie.  Although I was aware of her work, which she actually calls “The Work”, I was blown away by the simplicity of the written exercises that we did, and yet I had a sense that her work was so profound it could change not only my life, but the world.
I began to question and examine my own thoughts and wondered who would I be without my thoughts…and how might that change how I showed up each day?
As a child & adolescent therapist, parent coach and Mom, I know all too well how our thoughts and beliefs have a direct impact on how we are as a parent…and sometimes, our beliefs that we hold onto, do not serve our child or our relationship with them.
I’ve invited my guest Catherine Weiss to join my conversation.
Catherine spent 10 years questioning her stressful thoughts about her children and her mothering using the self-inquiry tools she shares.  Inspired by her own personal evolution, Catherine Weiss shares moving and sometimes challenging exercises that call us to question the truth of our negative thoughts that are often at the root of our reactions to our children. In her daily exercises we learn the value of being in the present moment, to accept and learn to love what is.
Catherine is the author of the forthcoming book, THE PRESENT MOTHER: How to Deepen Your Connection with the Present Moment, with Yourself, and with Your Child.  She is also the founder of the forthcoming Present Mothers Community, the only social network in the world for mothers practicing the most direct, effective route to consciousness: self-inquiry.  Catherine is a certified Facilitator Candidate of The Work of Byron Katie, which has helped millions of people around the world discover sustainable peace and joy since 1987.  She is also a Certified Coach Candidate from Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs.
Hope you’ll take a breath…slow down…and join our conversation!