Spirituality and Philosophy

Adventures Into Reality

Andrew Bartzis

Adventures into Reality – Andrew’s First Live Reading on WebTalkRadio!

Major part of today’s teaching is a live reading! Listen how Andrew takes his guest on an adventure into the Akashic Records where we find this “Ancient Tree Whisperer” does not source from this galaxy and universe……

Enjoy the journey as we weave through mysterious topics such as:

  • Andrew explains how he does a “Stream Read”
  • You have the skill to access the Akashic Record
  • Empty your burden baskets, victory celebrations and the ritual of Joy
  • Tree bio-location and Peruvian shape shifters
  • Avebury, the great standing stones and skipping the archon grid
  • 10500 species of ET’s invested here and big mountains acting as vessel’s “gas stations”
  • How to shield ourselves from abductions
  • 40% of our population is stuck in the reincarnation grid
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Un-program belief systems before we die and defeat false light technology
  • “The System” will come apart when it can no longer predicts us

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