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Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – Making the Holidays Work FOR Your Business, no matter what business you are in!

There aren’t many businesses – if any! – where December is “just another month.” For most, either the holiday season is your busiest, craziest, most high pressure time of year, or else it’s a low revenue, slow time, when everyone is focused on other things than your product or service.

On top of the pressures that those situations create for you as a business owner, you also have to find time to acknowledge or celebrate the season for your employees, your clients, and your family!

Join me and my guest, Celebration Expert Sherry Richert Belul, as we talk about the biggest challenges for this crazy time of year, and 3 simple tips to help you take charge of the holidays for yourself and your business, for good!