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Astrological Cook

Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – The First Part of Our Pluto Palooza!

This is the start of the three part series on the power of Pluto, the planet of change and transformation. Today, along with my guest and fellow astrologer, Louise Edington, we will examine why you need to know where Pluto is in your birth chart so you can effect long term change, and where it is transiting so you can  be prepared for changes you need to make right now. Without this knowledge, you can go through life not only confused but missing many great opportunities to grow. This is the time of year to get a chart for 2015 and see how you can make great changes to your life.  Pluto forces us to go deep within and bring forth what is hidden and feared so that we can conquer it. What a great gift – what a great opportunity. Start learning how to embrace this wonderful aspect of life.