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Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet

Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT

Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet – Feline Infectious Peritontis, No toys in the park, and allergies in dogs!

Thanksgiving brings counter surfing, new supplement information, Cause for Paws and the National Dog Show.  Dr. Randy answers questions about the often fatal disease in cats  – Feline Infectious Peritonitis and with these some great ideas for Immune Boosting in our animals.  Pauly B. our nationally known dog trainer discussed “not responding to the word COME”.As always, Dr. Randy and Paul B. field a wide variety of subjects from their listeners, you can leave a message for them ANYTIME at 888-520-7297(PAWS) randy@drrandypetvet or,

The fact that Radio Pet Vet and this important animal show is a ray of sunshine in the murkiness of today’s news and radio.

Dr. Randy discusses a question about reactions to  orthopedic bone plates and what to do,  Pauly B. discusses with a listener the bad idea of bringing dog toys to dog parks.

We highlight an upcoming trip and seminar by Dr. Randy to Elgin, IL and From My House to Yours-Premier Pet sitting Services with Karen DeBias.  Medically we discuss ear discharges and what to do and allergies in dogs.  We also talk about the Whole Dog Journal article of raising puppies and the’Rules of 7’.