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Meredith Rhodes Carson

The Roots of Health – Human Kids with Charby Ibrahim

Attention parents and teachers of small children.  Are you exhausted by your kids? Do they drive you crazy when they don’t sit still or play with their food at the dinner table? Do you feel frustrated by the lack of adherence to your ‘house rules’?  Let’s take a step back for a second and observe your kids in a different light: from the perspective of their species and their natural environment. This is what ancestral health is all about.

My guest today is Charby Ibrahim. He is a Nutrition and Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Teacher, Writer and the man behind ‘The Ancestral Body’. Charby co-hosts one of Australia’s top health and wellness pod-casts called ‘The Primal Shift’, and has recently started producing his very own health and wellness TV Show – ‘The Ancestral Body’. One of Charby’s real passions is working with young people and he’s recently fulfilled a dream of his by publishing a children’s book called ‘My Bunny-Mate’ – which is a thought provoking tale of health & wellness for all ages.

Charby and I chat a bit about his personal health story and the reason behind his interest in health & wellness, about his connection to kids as a teacher and health educator, about how we should support the ‘human-ness of the human’ when it comes to kids behavior and health, and how imperative it really is that we should even join in with their play.  Ah yes, the student becomes the teacher…

Of course, this all ties into the message in Charby’s book.  ‘My Bunny-Mate’ (available in hard copy or as an ebook on Amazon – illustrated by Daymel Garcia) is a charming tale of a little boy and his ‘Bunny-Mate’. He promises his mom and dad that he’ll take good care of his bunny and – with good intentions – proceeds to treat this bunny like a dog, by putting a leash on him, or as a person by feeding him treats and tucking him into bed.  But his Bunny-Mate sets the record straight by telling him how a bunny prefers to move, eat, sleep, and poop!

Your primal humans will love it…