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Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101

Denise Krochta

Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101 – Understanding the Twelve Steps and What is the “Thirteenth Step”?

This week Denise gives a preview of a show that will be aired in the next few weeks on what some people are calling the “Thirteenth Step” of Alcoholics Anonymous.  There has been lots written and talked about in recent years about the fact that the criminal justice system regularly uses mandatory attendance at 12 step meetings as part of probation and exit strategy.  People are talking about what happens when you mix criminals and vulnerable addicts attempting recovery together.  Denise is playing an interview on this show from a few years ago which she feels explains well the intent of the therapeutic value of these twelve steps to give everyone a basic understanding of this intent.  In a few weeks, after interviewing, researching, and getting hard statistics on this topic, there will be a show here on this “thirteen step” concept.
The holidays are fast approaching.  Check out Denise’s website for access to resources for navigating the holidays with an alcoholic or addict.