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The Book of Dad – You’ve Got the Fight in You

Heard the song(s) “You Get What You Give” (New Rascals); “Nothing Comes to Dreamers but a Dream” (Gap Band); and “Ain’t no Half-Steppin” (Heatwave)? They all allude to, there is something in you that is destined to surface. This is provided you do what it takes to get there, or perhaps a fateful event leads you to a path to “get what you give”. Some of us end up doing and perhaps becoming great at something we never thought we’d do. Candy Lightner, out of personal tragedy founded perhaps one of the most influential lobbyist organizations in Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and John Walsh out of similar tragedy founded “America’s Most Wanted”. Today we chat with, Fredia “The Cheetah” Gibbs who transformed herself into the “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World” because she hated violence, fighting and being bullied. In “where are they now” fashion “The Cheetah” discusses her ascending to pugilistic greatness, honors, accolades, and future projects including her autobiography.

Fredia “The Cheetah” Gibbs (learn more about her here or visit her Facebook page) – Originally from Chester, PA, growing up in the Fairground Community was tough for Gibbs who was constantly being bullied by neighborhood kids and classmates. Since her mother taught her not to fight back, Gibbs frequently found herself running from neighborhood peers. When she wasn’t running from bullies, she became an All American & Most Valuable Player in basketball and track, appropriately earning her the nickname “The Cheetah.”

Immediately after high school, she attended Temple University on two athletic scholarships, for basketball and track. She later attended Cabrini College on a basketball scholarship as well. A highly skilled and accomplished player, she was invited to the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where she tried out for the women’s USA Olympic Basketball Team, she was a Kodak All American for three consecutive years at Cabrini College where she majored in Marketing. She later went on to play professional basketball in Germany, averaging a triple double (30 points, 15 rebounds, 10 assists). A Chester High School “Basketball Hall of Fame” inductee, she used her athletic ability, honed discipline and dedication from Martial Arts to become the greatest female fighter on the planet and now delights in the associated perks.

**Be sure to listen for discussion later in the show on plans regarding relevant social issues of today; issues that have motivated me to become an agent for positive social change**