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Business Game Changers – Is Renewable Energy Worth it? Can you Really Save Money and Help the Environment at the Same Time?

Renewable energy has been a buzz word lately, especially on the internet and talk shows. We all know that fossil fuels cause energy pollution and military conflicts around the world, not to mention unpredictable ongoing expense. All of us would like to see our society live cleaner and more peacefully. However, can solar really help us take a step forward without breaking the bank? This segment we will talk with Marty Morud about solar and its financial, environmental and political impacts. You can contact Marty Morud or his team of professionals at Remember to mention this radio show when receiving a quote to receive a free $50 restaurant gift card.

Our gear up for 2015 segment features DS&B CPAs Cameron Nier and Jon Cassens. They will provide insights on how to close out 2014 and start 2015 with fewer problems and more tax savings.  You can reach Ms. Nier at 612-630-5079 or Mr. Cassens at 612-630-5071 or on their website at