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Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert! – Even Warren Buffett Relied on a Mentor

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After you listen to today’s show you will understand the value of mentorship. Even Warren Buffett relied on a mentor; keep listening for more details on how you can achieve your success goals.

About Our Guest

A son, brother and leader who loves the Lakers, loves having meaningful conversations and just wants to make an impact.

Rasheed Louis is the founder of Epiphany marketing firm, Director of The Kingdom Business Show and soon to be author of the book The Process of The Epiphany. He works with companies on branding and rebranding strategies. Rasheed is also the founder of the annual Night of Mentorship event, where he brings youth and local business together to make positive changes in their communities.

About Business

Epiphany marketing firm (Est. 2009-Present) started from an entrepreneurial spirit motivated by the vision of giving something of value to the business community, the small business community to be exact. A company developed by mentors understanding the education of the times and evolution of human interaction from social media to how people view images and respond to marketing online. We are a company of entrepreneurs.

Most Memorable Business Failure

Trying to change a business system that wasn’t ready for change. I felt I had hammered away with all of my resources and strategies but nothing was working until I looked up one day and realized the problem wasn’t the hammer. I was missing the mark because the system refused to give me something to hit and they didn’t want change so in the end they didn’t want to build. I also learn in order to change a system you must become it.

Ah-Ha Moment

I didn’t know who my mentor was at the time; I was working for the local newspaper company and the publisher, my mentor, came to me and said, “You should start a business.” I’m not ready to start my own business, I quickly responded. He was wise by replying that I consider this as an option.

Favorite Success Quote

The level of your goals are measured by the level your willing to sacrifice

Favorite Business Book

Three feet from gold ~Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid

Most Influential Person

God and My mentors

Contact Information

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