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Nickel Dime Speculator

Gary Gonzales

Nickel Dime Speculator – The Year in Review

This weeks show is a year end wrap-up of how well professional stock pickers did compared to recommendations made in my monthly newsletter THE NICKLE DIME $PECULATOR. Fortune 500 magazine had 19 stocks recommended: 10 were up for the year 9 went down. If you had purchased all 19 you would have had a lose for the year of 13.40%. The portfolio only did this well because of gains in the second and fourth quarters.

Money Magazine pro picks did much better. They had five winners and 5 losers. Collectively you have had a gain of 31.63% This gain is realized during the second and 4th quarters.

THE NICKLE DIME $PECULATOR made recommendations for 3 portfolios the low cost equities which saw a collective gain of 334.51%: The Russell 1000 portfolio which saw a collective gain of 78.93%; The Standard & Poors portfolio had a collective gain of 168.2%