Money and Success

Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving The Credit Crisis – Saving and Protecting Your Money

Is this a want or a need?  A question that I have begun to ask myself each time I need to make a money decision and it’s amazing the difference that it’s making in my life.  Being financially successful, isn’t always about making MORE money.  It’s about keeping the money that you’ve got!  Don’t let seemingly endless dollars slip through your fingers withunnecessary fees and unconscious spending. Even in business…making wise business decisions is critical to the health of your business and your cash flow.

Join me today as my guest,  Harris Glasser, Author of the best-selling book “It’s My Money & I Want It!” and I discuss secrets to saving and protecting more of your hard-earned cash.

Some of the topics we will be discussing include:

  • What’s YOUR philosophy or mindset when it comes to saving money?
  • What to do about those sneaky little bank fees.
  • Cars – Buying versus Leasing?
  • Scams – What to do to protect yourself.
  • Debt Collectors – How to stop the badgering, irritating phone calls, and letters?
  • Health Insurance Claims – Questions you need to ask to make sure your claims are getting paid.

Want to buy a house and need money for down payment?  Track your spending and find out ways to trim your spending, so you can save money quicker. It’s all up to YOU!