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Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life

Jerry Katzman, MD

Healthy, Strong and Active; Your Strategy for Life – Interview with Marco Ruggiero, Part 6 – Can we live without our first brain?

Can we live without our first brain?
What if you didn’t know what you thought you knew and everything  you did know was all wrong. An amazing patient story that will send chills down your spine and one you would not want to miss – if you have a friend, or loved one who may be terminally ill.
In Part 6 of a 6 part ongoing Series Jerry Katzman M.D. interviews Marco Ruggiero M.D. a prominent Italian Researcher, A full Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Florence, Italy who after 30 years of research , over 150 published peer review articles in the most prominent medical journals has discovered what may in fact be the cure for multiple cancers and Neurodegenerative inflammatory diseases such as MS, H.I.V. Aids, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc to name a few. What makes his research most groundbreaking is that he sites the solution as not being a drug at all but a methodology of using a substrate carrier protein of Vitamin D called GOleic in combination with Nutritional supplementation of all the trace minerals, vitamins, and undenatured proteins . The use of this regimen has demonstrated in his research that cancer cells can be converted to normal cells and if in the presence of the immune system macrophages ( the scavenger cells of our bodies) can be gobbled up, encapsulated and /or destroyed. It is the first real evidence that current medicine is starting to get the Homeopathic message of the need for nutritional density and supplementation in order for the body to cure itself. Hippocrates stated “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” On previous shows Dr.Katzman whose life was changed by nutrition and protein supplementation as outlined in Peter Greenlaws book Why Diets are failing us and the TDOS syndrome and Solution has interviewed Peter Greenlaw who has been championing this exact mechanism of action. Listen to this groundbreaking ,new approach to the treatment of Cancer and Neurological inflammatory disease. In Part 6 of this series Dr.Katzman Expounds on the previous discussions of the second and third brain new and never before discussed publically concepts and third brain and their relationship to our immune system and normal bodily function