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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu For Great Health – Breaking Old Habits

Where did your eating habits come from? Your parents? The food you were served in school? Do you let restaurants influence what you think is a reasonable meal? Often we have habits we wish to change, but the obstacles of everyday life jump in the way.

You’re sitting down to a great meal with friends, connecting with a great conversaton, and the next thing you know the fork is clinking on the plate. You think, “I can’t believe I ate the whooole thing!” Maybe the constant availabilty of cheap or even free food derails you from breaking out of old habits.

This week we talk with Trish Lobenfeld, a food writer at and cooking instructor at New York University. Trish is author of “Endless Summer: A Dessert and Recipe Cookbook”. Like many people, Trish faces her own challenges in breaking old eating habits.

Tune in to hear ways to identify old habits that are not serving you and strategies to break them. For more healthy eating recipes and cooking tips visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.