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A New Spin on Autism: Answers!

Lynette Louise

A New Spin on Autism: Answers! -How To Get Benefit From Your Therapy aka What To Do When ABA Increases Autism!

Hello I am writing a new book for caregivers of people with autism. For this reason I will NOT be interviewing guests for a few episodes. Instead I will present some of my ideas and observations intended on making their way into my book via transcription.

In deciding what to talk about asked myself “What is the biggest confusion I repeatedly see in homes around the world related to challenges with skill acquisition and autism.” The answer was “Why don’t the skills generalize?”

Today I am going to answer that question with what I believe is an inherent problem in the way the primary behavioral approach used with autism works. Today I explain the way in which I see ABA as increasing autism like symptoms and the way in which I see many of the child centered programs as not useful enough for language acquisition.

The hope is that you will learn enough from this to adapt your approach and improve your results.

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No Stories From The Road today.

Today’s question: How does ABA increase autism?

Today’s answer: By rewarding it.