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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Key To Your Health Is You!

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of Life Is No Coincidence: The Life and Afterlife Connection and her newest book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which focuses on insights into the Universal Laws of Energy for working in harmony with our soul essence and physical life experiences to maximize self awareness of emotions and thought processes for greater health prosperity and happiness, welcomes a remarkable guest with a courageous story of truth- Julie Renee Doering author of Your Divine Human Blueprint and 100% You Formula.

Julie Renee will share her remarkable healing journey using Quantum energy healing in conjunction with other healing modalities for downloading her “Divine Human Blueprint” for clearing hidden blocks to our unlimited energy, vitality and a new view of what may at first seem impossible but can with the right tools and assistance from Higher Self become your reality. Julie Renee Doering is the founder and developer of a new spiritual science, the 100% Healthy Human Blueprint. Her gift of healing defines the energy science of Cellular Quantum Mechanics. After launching her first business from her San Francisco apartment in 1993 she has prevailed over a challenging history of multiple cancers and five Near-Death experiences. Julie Renee is the host of the radio show 100% Healthy Life Expert. Additionally she has both stage and film credits and is a harpist and singer.

Julie Renee started out in Minnesota as a farm wife attended art school, modeled waitressed, appeared in seven films became a successful realtor and finally moved into her passion as a healer in the form of health activator. She now has over 30 years experiences working with high-risk pregnancies to life-saving interventions with critically ill individuals. Many years ago she taught yoga and offered healing massage to people in recovery She has also helped injured clients return to living and hospice clients pass pain-free and without medication as they say good-bye to their loved ones. She has studied regeneration using Jadeite hot stone treatments, accessing the knowledge of the ancient civilizations of the Olmecs and Mayans.

Julie Renee says she probably would have been diagnosed as autistic as a child had she been born today. Julie Renee tells us she was slow to begin speaking beginning to speak at 5 years old. She began to hear and replicate sounds in school, ended up becoming an incredible listener and went on to study voice as a classical voice teacher. Sheryl tells the story of Voice Coach Stewart Pierce from England a former guest on Healing From Within who can be heard on the radio page of Stewart who actually first saw words in color and learned to speak at about six years old..He became an actor, voice coach, author and spiritual teacher.

Julie Renee then tells the story of her fight for life at the age of twenty four and having a near death experiences. She believes that on a camping trip to the Nevada desert when she was with her family who were unaware of the U.S. Government doing underground bomb testing that they were exposed to a dose of radiation that would change her health forever. Julie Renee was nine months pregnant with baby number three when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In one year, Julie Renee was hospitalized multiple times, went under two surgeries, became very weak and collapsed, became separated from her husband and then divorced. Julie Renee suffered a major breakdown. All in all, this was a very bad year for Julie Renee which no one should ever face, but Julie Renee discovered a valuable understanding of life in which she writes;

“We are radiant
We are beings of light
Life is not over unless we say it is
Faith which is part of perception, can help you overcome many difficulties.”

“When all was said and done I had 17 surgeries, two cancers, ten years of radiation therapy, 5 near death experiences, a year in a wheel chair, two major brain injuries and a whole lot of PAIN.”

Sheryl says as an intuitive Reiki energy healer, empath and medium, she downloads spiritual energy and information, But Julie Renee tells a story of working as a graphic artist for the police department in Minneapolis at age twenty six and while listening to the radio, out of her chest, the announcers voice could be heard.

s to happen. Julie Renee decided she was no longer interested in survival and wanted the promise of the Garden of Eden life, a life without pain and a return to 100% of a healthy body and mind.

Two ideas of resolve and a perception shift are important if such a major change is desired and to be effected.

Sheryl goes on to ask Julie Renee “How did you come to your skills as a Master Health activator?” Julie Renee says, “As a result of my own severe illnesses and challenges in life I became a massage therapist for people in recovery from addiction and trauma.” Then Julie Renee specialized in therapeutic and sports injury and this lead to medical massage work. She was certified in more than a dozen modalities and studied herbal medicine flower essences and essential oils and eventually added homeopathy. Julie Renee mentions in her own healing process after practicing alternative healing work on herself with great consistency and faith she experienced the stem cells in her body returning to perfection and saw them teaching the surrounding cells how to do the same. Julie Renee then describes Cellular neo-genesis as the process that is initiated by rebuilding/restoring a stem or master cell in order to generate new healthy cells. She writes “We are so much more than our thoughts or bodies. Many people experience a real handicap from their DNA: these relationship patterns are embedded in the cellular information and play out as archaic or dysfunctional

Sheryl as a Reiki energy healer helps her clients go into a meditative state always suggesting they focus on each and every cell in the head and then all parts of the body dancing in a harmonious flow side by side touching and helping each other to release any toxins or emotions that have been accumulated and retained at the cell level. Even if one cell is out of balance, it affects all and the mind-body-spirit connection is compromised. The individual body, much like interactions between people, are affected when one person is unhappy or angry. The others may pick up the feeling and react less positively than before.

Julie Renee suggests and writes “With my inner intuitive eye I could watch cellular bodies of my clients improve and during the process I noticed that my clients perceptions and mindsets could be deterrents from healing any issue or illness from time to time… Group mind hypnosis was creating a great deal of the stuck disharmonic challenges and this means…”if someone believes that something cannot be different just because it has always been this way that perception will deter their healing. Clearing these issues levels the playing field so everyone can get the improvements they want”

Julie Renee tells us that perception is what you think… your mindset with how you feel… an emotional sensation. It’s your unique interpretation of your experience and the field from which you live your life. Perception therefore determines a state of safety for the body. Perceptions are not wired from body or brain programs and either connects or disconnects you from life and others, informs how you let go, clear or hold on, directs all your abilities, can be conscious or unconscious, can be swayed by group mind and others, is manipulated and altered by family program, improves with affirmations mantras and being convinced and requires no special skill or technique: shifting is effortless.

Julie Renee writes “The Realms affecting humanity are unseen and powerfully influential.”

The four realms are:

  1. Origin
  2. Quantum
  3. Amplification
  4. Embodiment

Origin is where we came from and begins with the beginning of humanity dating back to original perception even before the human spirit manifested into a physical form. This realm encompasses both historical and pure truth. It cannot be just is.

Quantum is the realm of no time no space connection and oneness Human mastery provides a powerful quantum field surrounding the master…altering, bending, shifting, eliminating and moving through time, space, health, wealth, love and all things we can imagine. It includes all things beyond imagination

Amplification is in effect like ripples emanating from a pebble thrown into a pond, yet far more powerful. It is an expanding realm much like our expanding universe..spontaneous and the precursor to energy.

Embodiment is what allows us as human spirits to take form in a human body and the normal way is to be born as an infant to parents..Some yogis are able to move in and out of the realm of embodiment, taking their corporeal bodies with them into different fields of existence and return appearing the same as when they left us.


  1. Make a commitment to being loving
  2. Allow love in
  3. Fill yourself up first
  4. Be a good listener
  5. Listen through the other person’s point of view
  6. Be compassionate with yourself
  7. Turn off self-criticism and harsh self-judgment
  8. Be responsible for things when they don’t work out
  9. Step back learn from the behaviors that you repeat that yield poor results

Julie Renee goes on to describe Memes, Miasms and Master Cells.

Memes are examples of group thinking from family or church and are stimulated by emotions and drama that serve to control and make others conform. Memes are exclusive to the mental body whereas a miasm has an emotional charge as well as coming from the mental body. A meme may feel logical while a misasm feels off kilter like something is wrong or the person experiencing it is really messed up.

Master cells provide the blueprint of light as the body merges with human spirit at birth. This enlightenment allows the master-cell (stem cell) to be an intelligent guide and an effective mirror to assist in restoring ailing cells. It is great for the body to have 80% of its cells being enlightened cells. Because the fluid surrounding our cells does not consist of cells, it is also infused with light. The bone structure does not use light for healing, What is normal in a healthy baby is to have the light activated in all stem cells and up to 60% of the remaining cells having no light. Light can be equated to spiritual energy or the Universal Energy.

Julie Renee says the old model of medicine is obsolete and irrelevant and medical knowledge is important for a piece of the Blueprint but the medical model only addresses the physical body, and moderately addresses perception.

What is missing is how you will optimize your energy and vitality (drink a latte or a green drink, hike in nature, do yoga, workout, think about your thoughts and how to improve these thoughts to some new ways of thinking and more useful to move towards your goals. In this informational age, seek what resonates with you and you ideas and goals without buying into the mindset of unique and be truthful.

Benefits of Regeneration could be more energy and physical strength Noticeable improvement in mood…calm and peace in the nervous center, better functioning of glands and organs…heart normalizes..blood pressure issues often dissolves..breathe becomes deeper…scar tissue may be reduced or disappear so pain will be gone…improved brain chemistry…improved memory and mental clarity…improved muscle tone..improved skin ..improved vision.

Many people have wondered how everything works in relationship to one’s spiritual and physical body and indeed in every show on Healing From Within, Sheryl addresses the duality of our life force, our energetic presence and physical presence. Julie Renee says there is a portal connecting both forces and when the portal is clear and open a person is free to live a fully self-expressed and active life..when the portal is damaged or blocked a person’s experience is that of a life- half lived. The human spirit access portal to the physical body is located in the back of the head, three quarters of an inch where the spine meets the skull. This portal is a doorway for the spirit to readily gain access to the body…like the unique fingerprint identifying an individual this entry is unique to each spirit, allowing access only to the spirit who grew and developed the body. Growth and development of the body is directed from human spirit. Illness and aging are on the top of the list for “access clogs.” During sleep and meditation the spirit leaves and then returns to the body The extent to which the spirit occupies the body is largely responsible for the health of the body.

Sheryl asks Julie Renee what gave her the strength to carry on and be who she is today when many people would have given up. Julie Renee answers by saying,” Sometimes there is an apathy and willingness to let go of life and this is a sign of this global depression or mind set. But plan not to retire until 500 or so live a life of contribution and gratitude appreciate all the wonder and magnificence and align yourself with the highest expression, step off the drama wheel, step away from relationships and experiences that drop you down to the battles of the lower emotional world. Be involved in life..boredom is not an option, create tangible plans.”


  1. Nutrition: avoid chemicals, additives, prescription and non-prescription drugs and add air and water to your healthy lifestyle
  2. Sound: Harmful sounds such as alarms and bad frequency music can damage and degrade the cells. Listen to sounds in nature, birds children’s chorus Sound can do wonders for maintaining the vibrancy and light of cells.
  3. Lighting: Indoor lighting can be harmful to the skin and brain. Choose natural light where possible

Julie Renee and Sheryl have shared how it is possible to overcome the most difficult life challenges with grace, gratitude and faith and to renew one’s health and begin to find out the truth about the miraculous resilient spiritual and physical beings we are. In learning about the inner workings of spirit and body connection, we can be informed and able to make choices that are in our best interest and that of our families and friends for extending our lives and living in a more connected way to Spirit and Life.

Julie Renee writes…. “As we enter the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and leave behind the Piscean Age, distinct gifts and markers begin to appear and become the new standard for transformation. The old Piscean age, defined by a patriarchal reign and a submissive acquiescing culture ruled by a few is being ushered out. The New Age of Aquarius standard which includes androgyny, or the merging of male and female qualities, represents true equality in the spiritual realm and replaces the old patriarchal standard. Furthermore, previously obscured and unavailable knowledge is now accessible to the general population. The uncovering of these mysteries levels the playing field enabling all to experience the power that was once only imagined and held by a select few. This leads to a transformation on a global scale.”

Sheryl gives examples of these marvelous changes telling a story of the other night, while watching “Stand Up To Cancer” a fundraiser the Hollywood community that asked for less competition between medical facilities and countries to research and discover cures for this escalating worldwide disease while they asked for complete cooperation in establishing dream teams. The best of US, Canada, UK and the Netherlands and other countries as we forge forward for becoming more conscious and awakened beings working for the common good of all with an emphasis on wellness in our thinking and in our behaviors. World leaders like President Obama stands with NATO leaders and hopefully the Middle Eastern leaders to defeat insurgents and terrorists who threaten the advancing and maturing world conscious movement for health and peace fairness and prosperity for All. This is the way to evolve on personal levels and on a global scale. Let us all participate in becoming the best version of ourselves looking past the memes and mimes and limitations of the outside world and acting courageously and loving from our inner Being.