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Your Money Show – How To Get What You Want

In this first show of 2015 Your Money Show talked about How To Get What You Want.  It all starts with belief.  We tend to underestimate belief and the power it has.  Just saying something in passing such as “I am not good at….” Can have devastating effects on your life.

Just look at the video of Justin Tranz hypnotizing Dale In Sales on the website.  If Justin could get Dale to do all of those things imagine what you are doing to yourself when you say things like “I am not good at….”.

We also talked about getting divorced and how to collect past due child support.  We called our friend Adryenn Ashley who told is that we were wrong and that it could not be done.  However as usual Your Money Show is correct.  42 USC 666(b) states that a child support agency can issue an enforceable order against a retirement plan to require that back child support be paid to the state agency.  Also IRC 414(p) states that a court can issue a DRO that a retirement plan pay funds from a participant’s retirement plan to a child.

Unfortunately Adryenn didn’t want to talk about divorces.  She wanted to talk about her new website  This brand new site helps people who are looking to produce their own TV show raise money so the show can get on TV.