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Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Do We Choose our New Year’s Resolutions or Do They Choose Us? with Chere Bork, MS RDN

Chere Bork holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education with an emphasis on nutrition. She is a graduate of Coach U and is a Certified Executive Wellcoach®.As a Law of Attraction facilitator, she loves helping people create a healthy lifestyle, a satisfying career, and a joy-filled home life.  Chere is an author of the coaching cookbook, 5 Ingredients for Healthy Living and for the past five years has been a newspaper columnist for two Minneapolis newspapers writing the column “5 Ingredient Living.” She believes if you live the five ingredients of purpose, energy, happiness, health and balance you will love your life.

Many people make the same New Year’s resolutions knowing they will never carry them out. It’s important to reflect upon whether these resolutions are “shoulds” or “wants.”   A “should” is obligation or a duty, when something outside of us causes us to feel pressure to do something. A “want” is inside of us, something we choose to do because we desire it.   Guilt is a red flag, and is usually a ‘should.’
Chere shares a three step process for accomplishing our goals and resolutions. The first step is asking for what you want in several categories: 1) fitness, health and body; 2) career and business: 3) friends and family; 4) significant others/romance; 5) physical environment; 6) fun and recreation; 7) personal growth/ spirituality.


The second step is to get connected to the “why” of our goal.  Ask ourselves a series of questions to connect to the why of what we want.    The key is to get strong enough reasons so we commit to goal and take action.

The third step is to ask ourselves:” How can I reallly make these goals happen?”  Chere discusses several ways to accomplish the goals, including taking persistent and consistent action; look at our beliefs and create empowering new ones;  make a mantra; brag file; vision board or collage and  share your decision with others.

Please note: this is the final Hope, Healing and WellBeing show. Thanks so much to everyone for listening to this show, and for your support over the past several years. Special thanks to our sponsor, Gayle Cartier and Gayle Force Winds.

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