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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion

Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – This Life is Real

Modern spirituality is drawing closer to modern science.  Quantum theorists, from Max Planck to Amit Goswami, discuss how consciousness is the matrix of all matter.  The spiritual truth that brings religions together is, in the words of this week’s guest, Dr. Roger Teel, “this world is consciousness.” The world we see, as he writes in his new book, This Life is Joymay very well be a “temporary outpicturing of initiatives in consciousness.” This approach is gradually bringing science and religion closer, and perhaps when we rid ourselves of a few centuries worth of preconceptions, they will actually join together.  But first we need to practice what we preach and on this show, Philip and Roger Teel discuss the seven pillars of truth, spanning the distance between love and light, and then substance, surrender, and finally joy.  The best part is that it’s real.