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Sarah Westall

Business Game Changers – Learn how 3D Printing will Revolutionize Business

his week’s episode I talk with Craig Walker, the “guru of 3D printing”. Many people believe 3D printing will literally revolutionize almost every industry on the planet. Craig Walker gives detailed examples on how it will change different industries. We also discuss the fact that in 3D printing the United States is behind China, Norway, and many other countries. Listen to this episode to hear what the industry is doing to change this.

You may contact Craig Walker at the following:

Phone: 1-877-778-COHO



Before we start the interview with Craig Walker, I play a portion of my interview with Michael Jay Moon, an entrepreneur and Silicon Valley thought leader. He gives his reaction to Newsweek’s article, “What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women”

The full interview with Michael Moon airs next week. We continue this conversation and we also discuss his company, Startup The company he founded to help professionals succeed in the new emerging economy.