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Healing From Within – Larger Than Life Thinking – Quantum Thinking

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host, Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Dianne Collins author of Do You Quantum Think. A Coincidence or as we know there are no coincidences… both books explore the nature of energy and a means to evaluate thinking for higher awareness and the evolution of our human condition. Also both books are published by SelectBooks of New York who bring to the public innovative thinkers whose awareness of the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science reveals a power that exists within each of us and is unaffected by our world view, societal and social mores. It is this awareness that is the force for creative expression and for creating a joyful purposeful life. In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, Dianne Collins, who has fully felt the quantum impact will share her discovery that reveals a critical missing link in our thinking and help to make sense of our changing times while we question many assumptions of our worldview. Dianne offers a new multi-dimensional world view of thinking that she has termed “Quantum Think” which expresses the dynamics of creation- our divine birthright- and how we might master these faculties of creating and manifesting. Dianne is a graduate of The University of Miami in Philosophy and Psychology and a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga an award winning photographic artist, video producer and consultant to business executives.

Dianne tells us it is the time now for new ways of thinking because we are now in the age of Aquarius. The next 2000 years will be focused on thought development, technology, improved communication, and unity between nations- an age of Enlightenment and higher consciousness allowing us to live more in the lightness of being rather than the world of the physical. Dianne then describes one way of thinking that is of the mechanistic world. Sheryl asks how we can change that to think more multi-dimensionally, holistically, or even holigraphically?

Dianne writes “Quantum physics indicates that there is no way that It Is Out There…that our knowing affects our reality, that our Intent affects our reality, that the Observer shapes the reality. We live no longer in a limited Either/Or option..we have entered the world of both and also the world of Infinite Possibilities and can see as human observers we have An Observer-created Reality. In the Quantum age we are no longer victims of unchangeable fixed circumstances and our reality generates a force in your own world of Infinite Possibility. By establishing a common basis for thinking, one can think from Infinite possibility. “

Dianne gives a great perspective for our changing times where we would all hope to teach our children that cooperation better communication and selflish attention to others can improve world thinging and yield more productive results. However Dianne states and it makes sense to Sheryl that in nature organisms continually strengthen themselves in the face of elements as they evolve and improve and you end up with a more developed species. Zach Lynch an economist coined the term “co-ompetition to illustrate how both competition and co-operation are going on in nature’s processes. In fact the presence and interaction of both of these forces is what makes evolution possible..again we see the either/or approach does not accurately depict reality. This is an important observation to discern as again it reminds us that balance can only be achieved by the duality involved that offers choices to utilize the best of both attitudes and approaches to reach the best workable situation.

The common thinking that is needed now as Dianne Sheryl and many metaphysical workers suggest comes from the wisdom of a” shaman”- one who taps into the many dimensions of reality- adept with the dynamics of the energy and spirit realms and esoteric knowledge of the soul as well as the physical domain. The time for you to become Shamans…to live in Wisdom…is NOW. Wisdom that every great being and all mastery traditions speak of and teach..that is the quest for truth and beauty that scientific discovery and artistic creation make visible in the outer world so our rational minds can grasp the sanctity of our collective genius. The Wisdom is so simple—compassion kindness love service appreciation gratitude that many of us take for granted.

Sheryl asks Dianne what a disciplined use of Intuition is and about our access to the non-local field of Infinite Intelligence is. Dianne mentions Dr. Fred Wold, physicist and author who wrote “Everything you now know about the Universe and its laws is more likely to be 99.99% wrong.” Dianne writes “ However real the world of solid objects and fixed circumstances may seem to our ordinary five senses, the fact that we are living in a multidimensional universe that has been spoken about for thousands of years in the perennial wisdom of our spiritual traditions and is now being verified by modern science and Quantum physics. Ours is a Universe comprised not of solid physical objects but of ENERGY continually in flux, vibrating frequencies, always moving and changing. We live in a world comprised not of dead or inert matter but of intelligent living systems, whole systems-a world not restricted by old concepts of time and space but a world at its source beyond time and space. This amazing reality is reflected all around us in our technology.

Sheryl says “As I became attuned to the ancient Reiki energy healing system and aware of spiritual communication the words time and space kept entering my thoughts and I began to realize” Conscious survived physical death,” and beyond this place, Life- Energy and Universal Expansion were taking place. As a result of her work with Energy Sheryl now knew we were very much more than our physical bodies and we were interconnected to the energy and the original force of the Universe that created matter. In Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, she shares messages obtained from the non-local field of Infinite Intelligence where every though and action is retained in that system and relates that we are creating our life dynamics here in the physical world which also affects all the souls that exist in this multidimensional sphere of Eternal Life. I guess you could say Sheryl’s original belief systems were completely altered by a metaphysical approach and a more expanded view of the real nature of matter and energy. With the readings and stories in her book Sheryl hopes to give readers a new perspective on ways to live with wisdom and guidance from Spirit and to know that we have the power to perceive and generate peace, wellbeing, health, and harmony with a new view of Self. Dianne also states that the reality of “Quantum Thinking” is a way forward to evolve and create beautifully.”

The Quantum Think Principle is a new system of thinking beyond a creative or clever idea..a system is a whole, a gestalt, a field. You get everything, all at once. We live in a universe of systems and our everyday world is comprised of different systems but when we Quantum think we do not attempt to change the current system we think in a new system. We Quantum think in a system of thinking that has come through me… Yes we are channels of some knowledge or wisdom born with distinct gifts and talents to give to the rest of us. Each of us has a unique purpose or destiny and when you discover and fulfill your purpose life becomes easier.

Sheryl says in a similar thought…. we are eternal souls with the potential to move towards light and creation and become aware of our shadows or less evolved patterns from this life and mechanical thinking structures from past experiences and we have choices which are not judged by this Infinite Informational Field or Realm of Intelligence or Universal Energy and through our intuition or internal heart-based essence can benefit from guidance and assistance from this force of life.

Dianne tells us ways we can attain and maintain peace of mind in a chaotic, uncertain world by:

1. We’re living in quantum age using industrial age thinking…and it’s not working

Dianne writes…”The way to change the world is to think in a new way “As you think so you will become” is a premise and what makes our thinking so important. As human beings here by a great mysterious force most of us refer to as Divine we have been granted the gift of life and it is obvious We all want what we want…whether you yearn for spiritual awakening or material gain emotional satisfaction or all of the above we want our desires fulfilled the way to attain any goal or wish is to focus and then act in accordance with developing the skills needed… Thought creates Reality. However the reason we are unable to change our thoughts and the world is because one vital crucial key has been missing. We imagine we are thinking freely but we don’t. Mechanical thinking shows up subtly may intend to be one way but unknowingly act another way

On a global scale doesn’t everyone wants peace but still we have war…. So we are conditioned to stimulus response to our environment by our familial and societal training and the media.. This is our collective and mechanical Thinking

2. When You Master Your Mind—Master Your Life

To Master our Minds we must contrast the classical mechanical world view or the overarching perspective that we all accept and live with, often without realizing these ideas beliefs and notions are not our own … the quantum world view is to examine how the old view shaped our thinking, attitudes and actions, our outcomes and our institutions, and this is a form of waking up and having more command over our choices

Sheryl asks Dianne how one may develop awareness to notice and interrupt limited thinking patterns from past beliefs or experiences or traumas and move beyond them. Dianne tells us conscious evolution is the means for humankind to figure out the nature of reality so we may go beyond our preconceived belief systems fears, and limitations of our childhood patterning.

Dianne describes in her chapter, Energy Influx, and Oprah has said on her show, “Everything is energy” what is important is to use the Universal Laws of energy such as the Law of Attraction or The Law of Abundance etc. and have them work constructively in our life. Energy is invisible and most of us haven’t been able to develop conscious relationships with energy. Energy is a vital force that makes you feel alive and invigorated. We tend to think of energy from the old view- that it is merely physical.

Eastern cultures, as well as other indigenous people, have been more aware and engaged in the study of consciousness and energy than our westernized scientists and have been more attuned to the whole range of energy influx. The flow of energy in physical spaces effects us. The chakra system introduced to use by the ancient Indian culture distinguishes a system of energy points relating to the physical body at the area of major glands. These centers of subtle energy are the connection points where we take in and send out energy vibrations as information. if your energy force is out of alignment to your physical body disease can develop.
Think of energy as Life Force…

The mind generates emotion in which we can use this dynamic energy to our advantage.

“Emotions are powerful but more powerful is the power of our very own mind. Emotions and our awareness from the perspective of a new world view can help us enjoy a great life. It is in the developing of a mastery of the use of mind intent for manifesting and creating that we evolve and make ourselves and the world a better place. Dianne wrote “Lacking mastery, our minds are said to be like a drunken monkey, chattering away our judgments, opinions and interpretations. While there may be nothing wrong with this, it may erode our present moment awareness. Mastery of the mind is not mind control in the sense of behavioral conditioning the stimulus response mechanism, born of a cause and effect world. We are speaking of mastery that gives you a choice, not a programmed conditioning that takes it away.”

The mind becomes what we experience as our personal form of consciousness. In “Quantum Think” we consider the mind that way. Cutting edge science and spirituality are drawing closer to the idea that it is consciousness which creates the manifest physical reality. Sheryl agrees and states that the past present and future all part of the evolving nature of Universal Energy can be present in different places at the same time.

“I could tell you that scientists have proven that we have a non localized mind (that is not “local,” not located in place or space) that can see into any corner of the world from anywhere when trained to do so…”
Sheryl says this non localized mind is Universal Energy or intelligence, or God, however people see it. When our physical mind is generating emotions, fears, thoughts of limitation, conceptualized belief systems, we are living in the physical realm and disregarding this non local mind, which is more expansive and capable of giving us great intuitive wisdom. Diane, as is Sheryl are aware, “ that children being born today have an advanced level of awareness and intelligence and maybe even a different DNA, and that they are more aware of their energy and capacity to make choices and changes. In many cases this is becoming most apparent and has been substantiated and should be encouraged to Quantum Think rather than becoming part to the mechanical and outdated ways of approaching our physical and spiritual needs.

Diane tells us something about energy fields around the body and what is possible to discern from these fields. Dianne says “I could tell you there are energy fields around the body and that people who have developed a gift for seeing or sensing them can discern disease in the energy field before it manifests in the physical body and can work with you to eliminate it right there. I could tell you that the proper use of cooler, light, and sound can and does heal…. I could tell you that it is proven in science that the heart’s electromagnetic field is five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain and in fact, this concurs with what spiritual, masters have taught- that the mind is not in the brain; the mind is centered in the heart and transmitted through every cell in the body…. This leads us to a proven fact of science that meditation and specific breathing practices improve health, mental acuity and state of mind.
“From a new world view we realize there are no such “absolutes”. To think in a quantum world, means going beyond limitations of physical space and chronological time. Whenever you create from intent or using intuition, connecting to non locality, you experience going beyond limits of ordinary space-time. We have taken a quantum leap into new world view into quantum thinking and what we want to do now is begin to notice what exists and actually experience living in this new world view.

“Albert Einstein, who is best known for his revolutionary theories of relativity, basically proved that space and time are not fixed as people have previously believed; they are always relative to the speed at which one moved. So, Einstein said, “Each person lives in his own creative concept of space-time.””

“The concepts of time you live in, to a great extent, give you your moment-by-moment experience of life- your emotional states, your sense of what you think can be accomplished, your relationships, your ability to be present, and your general feeling of wellbeing.”

“When you think beyond time you realize that everything that is going to unfold is already there. Everything already exists in the possible world. You have access into the past, present and future at any time. “
“Time is an invented construct we lay over our experience to order our lives. “

Sheryl often mentions to people that the past, present and future are happening all in a state of energy that is revolving at through the Universe and parts of our energy can be in the past present or future at the same time, indicating once again that the concept of matter or the body is only the manifestation of our energy existence.

Diane and Sheryl have explored the world of perception and moving past assumptions and lower vibrational thinking for refining emotions and seeking new thinking that will lead us into a world of creating and sustaining a healthier more prosperous life and for the merging of ancient wisdom theologies alongside the technological tools of a modern changing world so we may all know we are shamans and as such capable of harnessing Universal Energy for our best lives..

Dianne asks at the beginning of Quantum Think What do people really want? And the answer is we want the power and wherewithal to create what we truly desire in life for ourselves families companies and nations for humanity and our world at large…We realize upon examination that predominate habits of thinking are generating our reality. We experience that Intent is the active dynamic of creation… We can go on to add to our thought on what people really want and give the answer which is Freedom… Freedom to create, freedom to express, Freedom to be and freedom to make the best choices possible to benefit all. Many people are concerned with the old stories of the end times, dark and gloomy and then there are the stories of the Great Shift, a transformation in consciousness that takes us to an elevated and noble state.

In an Observer created reality You are the Observer with the choice to view things and the emanating Resonance on what you hold in your awareness. We have been graced with the divinely given ability to shift and change shape and transform our world… free of old habits, free of automatic conditioning free of what no longer works, and even free of the contingency based or standard scientific method and to go deeper to discover why each of us is here to contribute and to know ourselves as true love.

Dianne and I would hope you join us on the way forward to end war crime bigotry poverty and break the chains of the past that bind you to old ways of thinking and living and to create new visions and attitudes for personal growth and well being.

Guest: Dianne Collins