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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Hair Restoration: The Latest Techniques & Technology Highlighted by Dr Lycka & Dr Bauman

Thinning hair and hair loss is a stressful problem for many men and women. But the good news is that in 2015 there are many great treatments and techniques available. And the even better news is that getting early treatment gets the best results. Once again on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your host, Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes world-leading hair restoration specialist Dr Alan Bauman to share the latest hair restoration treatments and techniques. Dr Bauman highlights three new treatments starting with the LaserCap which provides low level laser therapy to stimulate hair growth. Dr Bauman is running a clinical trial on this device and he gives details on how interested people can be considered to take part in the trial. The two doctors also talk about using Platelet Rich Plasma to stimulate hair growth and Dr Bauman explains an additional process of photo therapy to further activate the PRP before injection. Listen to discover the very latest in hair restoration.

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