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Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert!

Connie Pheiff

Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert! – Stop Chasing Influencers and Shiny Objects

GUEST: Kimanzi Constable

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Welcome to #Marketing Masters radio hosted by @ConniePheiff the #queenofmarketing. Each week Connie Pheiff connects you with the best of the best thought leaders from around the globe sharing marketing strategies and best practices so you too can grow your market.

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Kimanzi Constable is a true rag to riches success story. Hear an inspirational story of building a platform, getting published and getting out of debt. You’ll learn why it’s important to STOP wasting your time chasing influencers and every shiny object. You will flop, your will have failures, but when you get back up you too can find your success.

Magic Takeaways

The need to stop wasting their time chasing every shiny object, here’s how you build an audience, influence, and your business.

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