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The Janet Love Show – Get Your BAM! BAM! BODY Back!

BAM! BAM! BODY Organic Health and Wellness Coaching Founder, Natalie Cacciatore has created a movement that is has gone viral across America! Like most passions, Natalie’s was born out of her own experiences learning how to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After a long bout of depression, anxiety and high stress living she began to take control of her health and her life through nutrition.
Natalie learned sometimes it takes more than will power to change our health habits. After gaining weight back after a trip to Italy Natalie once again dug deeper and using an organic detox plan changed her body and lifestyle for good. Natalie’s 30 day plan included a 10 day organic detoxification and a 20 day one day on detox and one off learning how to eat organically. Natalie’s 30 day plan was so successful she shared the results on her Facebook page posting a before and after set of pictures and telling her friends she had her “BAM! BAM! BOOTY” back again.
The response through Natalie’s Facebook post was astounding. She was being asked to help others to get their BAM! BAM! BOOTY back and soon the BAM! BAM! BODY Organic Health and Wellness Coaching and company and educational system was born. Natalie launched this revolutionary coaching company less than six months ago with resounding results for participants. Her BAM! University classes offers complimentary educational teleseminars weekly and group support for fellow Bammers ready to begin their own organic transformation lifestyle plan. Individual coaching is being launched soon.
BAM! BAM! BODY is an Organic Health and Wellness Coaching Company and Educational System that teaches you HOW to LEARN, LIVE and LOVE the ORGANIC LIFESTYLE.
Most people think they are eating somewhat healthy and doing the right things, only to learn they are not. Are you so confused that you feel paralyzed and therefore do not attempt any changes? Are you working out ALL the time and “eating clean” but not seeing your desired results? Do you believe you are doing everything right yet do not look or feel healthy? The BAM! BAM! BODY coaching system takes you from START to BAM! and provides extraordinary education on everything you need to know about resetting your body and adopting the organic lifestyle the RIGHT way. In less than 10 days you will begin to experience SHOCKING result.
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