Spirituality and Philosophy

The Message And The Masters

Mychael Shane

The Message and The Masters – The Healing Power of the Sacred Flames

I this episode Rev. Mychael and Rev. Rory are joined by Cindy Connor of Big Lake, Alaska. Cindy was given a terminal prognosis with advanced breast cancer in 2014. Through the healing power of the Spiritual tools and practices she learned as a student of the Ascended Masters she is now  cancer free. Her healing journey from misdiagnosis and debilitating chemotherapy through eventual  surgery, radiation  and what many have called a ‘miraculous recovery’s is detailed in this hour.The fascination  and  interest from her medical staff with her Spiritual Healing practices and their amazing results is also related.   Rev. Mychael includes is a brief explanation of the Sacred Color Flames, their healing aspects and the Masters associated with them.