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A New Spin on Autism: Answers!

Lynette Louise

A New Spin on Autism: Answers! -What does it look like when an autistic person loves you?

As Lynette mentioned last episode she is writing a new book for caregivers of people with autism. For this reason she will NOT be interviewing guests for three episodes, this is episode three of that series. Lynette believes that today’s show is the perfect note (and myth to end on) because autistic people DO love! Thus here we are for the last three-episode-time guestless while Lynette presents ideas and observations intended on making their way into her book via transcription.

So what does it look like when an autistic person loves you? It looks like someone coping with sensory issues and defensive behaviors while reaching out to understand and be understood. Listen to the specific examples in today’s show and make sure to buy the limited time offer of FIX IT IN FIVE. This is an incredible life changing savings. At Lynette’s 2015 prices two hours of her time costs $400.00. This six hour, five episode series with real life examples is less than half that.  This is a great way to learn and grow while saving money. The offer ends February 14 2015.

Today’s question and solutions surround the appearance of love and the possibility that your autistic child is inadvertently being taught not to, by you. Lynette will tell you how to teach them to and that is today’s  New Spin On Autism: ANSWERS!

The hope is that you will learn enough from this to adapt your approach and help your child adore people.

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No Stories From The Road today because the entire show is a Story From The Road.

Today’s question: Is it us??

Today’s answer: Yes.