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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – World Peace Caravan

World peace remains an elusive — and faraway — goal.  A goal for dreamers.  But unless at least some people hold the vision of world peace firmly in their sights, it can never become a reality.  The World Peace Caravan is a real caravan set to embark on December 15, 2015 from Petra, Jordan. Inspired by the Queen of Sheba’s 750 camel caravan to make peace with King Solomon over 3000 years ago, the new caravan will start with the World Peace and Health Conference at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre on the shores of the Dead Sea and end with the Concert for Peace on December 26, 2015 in Jerusualem.  Join Philip as he discusses why the world may be ready for this real-world mission with Susan Johnson, the Director of Operations for the World Peace Caravan.