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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Earth and Beyond In Oneness

In today’s episode of “Healing from Within” your host Sheryl Glick, author of Life Is No Coincidence- The Life and Afterlife Connection and her new book The Living Spirit – Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, available May 2014, is delighted to welcome Sonja Grace author of Angels in the 21st Century: A New Perspective on Death and Dying and Earth Ways: Healing Medicine for the Soul. In both books, Sonja intertwines deep insight, fact and ceremony allowing the reader to integrate simple practices into their daily lives supporting their unique spiritual experience while also strengthening their connection to the Earth which sustains all life. Sonja and Sheryl in their discussion hope to show an understanding of the importance of appreciating the life sustaining earth force for a complete healthy physical life experience and to learn to utilize the cycles of the earth which support the human cycles of life and death.

Sonja, a mystic healer for over thirty years uses a wide variety of talent to channel and communicate with the divine will discuss her thoughts on various ideas such as karma, death, reincarnation and the energy field that surrounds us and other realms. Sheryl and Sonja will discuss spirituality in the fifth dimension and the patterning of our behavior from this life and past lives. We may also discuss energy in regard to distant healing and how it is possible for a healer or medium to transcend time and space.

Sonja’s earliest memory of seeing the spirit realm was at five years of age. At age twelve she watched the entire spirit realm walk through her bedroom. Are there unlimited numbers of souls was something Sonja thought about during that time. Her parents were advanced thinkers and not knowing exactly how to handle Sonja’s unique spiritual talents, they did the only logical thing…she was channeled into the arts and received classical ballet training and had a rich professional career for a decade at the prestigious Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Sonja’s first book, Angels in the 21st Century, was born out of the idea that as a healer and spiritual intuitive there is a place for mystics like Sonja and others in the world. Sonja’s work comes from communication and channeling Divine or Universal Energy. Sonja believes the mission statement and goal for humanity is to love at the deepest level of our being. The work or self-actualization process consists of processing and feeling our feelings..awakening from a state of numbness or denial and the karma solution is to love at the deepest level of our being, feel our feelings and forgive ourselves and others….forgiveness is the only way to clear one’s karma.

Karma, of course, is seen as a cycle of action and reaction- cause and effect…not a punishment, as many people assume but a process where we may see ourselves and the people we interact with in a more complete way allowing for us to understand our behavior and where the behavior and thinking is flawed or immature. We may bring change to create more appropriate decisions and actions. Karma refers to the total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of that souls existence and is regarded as determining a person’s destiny. Destiny is the inevitable fate to which a particular person is destined. And this destiny is a predetermined course of events beyond human power and control. Karma is also the unresolved and unfinished feelings we have from past lives. There are many soul mates to our karmic configurations and we are bound to these people and events until the issue is cleared. The key to clearing karma is forgiveness for everyone who has ever caused us pain or wrongdoing. Then we are able to ingest the real medicine for OUR soul: FORGIVING OURSELVES

Religions view the law of karma as follows;
In Buddhism the law of Karma is viewed as naturalistic, akin to the law of physics…Rebirths are not seen as rewards or punishments handed out by a controlling God but are simply the results of good deeds and misdeeds. Lives include time in both sexes, in non human animals, and other realms. Nirvana is achieved when all cravings are lost. Hinduism includes the concept of Karma and the idea that the conditions into which one is born are determined by conduct in previous lives. Life on earth is considered undesirable and religious practice will eventually free you from the cycle of rebirth. In Judiasm the Kabbalah includes reincarnation and multiple lives.

Sonja’s thoughts on dying and the loss of her own father helped to define her true beliefs about who we are as an eternal life force. Sonja writes, “We face the passage as fellow travelers..but that is not the end of it. It isn’t over…we do go on. There is a higher consciousness that leads us step by step to our own self-realization. As far as losing someone you love the grief process helps the emotional body to process the loss while this is attached to the earthly experience. Our spiritual body has a far greater understanding and depth or knowledge in knowing that our loved ones are still around us and will be waiting for us when it is our time to cross.” The universe is complex and the alignment for each soul may be to learn karmiclly and change is why we manifest in physical form. The more we move through and clear our karma the closer we get to living in a state of joy, health and awareness.

Sonja goes on to say the physical body is the most profoundly affected in our experience of death and rarely viewed from a perspective of the question,” What am I supposed to learn from this?” Modern society attributes a high level of victimization when it comes to the dying process. In past times and past cultures, the dying process was better understood then it is now in our modern day society. That is due to a close connection to the earth, a reverence and respect for earth which supports us with food, water, and nature. The cycles of life and death were part of everyday life and the connection to spirit or energy was a commonplace knowledge.

In today’s modern times, Sonja says “Being a more urban rather than rural community we are not driven by the seasonal imperatives of agriculture: we are often rushed hardly finding time for a funeral and grief process and greatly influenced by social conditioning at the hands of various religious institutions that may not offer the most realistic view or values on death and dying..” Sheryl suggests as a long term Hospice volunteer and medium, that many people who have experienced near death experiences and return with their view of the afterlife often have a more complete view of Divine Source and our soul life. In her new book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love Sheryl shares her experiences and those of other leading authors, scientists, medical authorities and energy and alternative holistic healers who offer their studies for determining who we are, what the purpose of a physical life experience is, and what awaits us after this time on earth.

Certain religious concepts may leave people panicked and afraid of the natural dying process while Sonja suggests it is like the seasons and the change from night to day, a continuous circle of life, rebirth, renewal, and a positive experience. Some religions offer the doctrine of Hell vs. Heaven, conceived in regard to actions performed during the physical life. People are often afraid they have been evil and will end in a terrible place when really the concepts of mercy and grace by our spiritual loved ones are what is truly the important part of dying and being forgiven and loved eternally.

Sonja shows us a view of death through the four essential bodies. The physical body is what we experience every day..feelings…do we feel good? Bad? Healthy? Tired? Etc… and what does my body need to work out to feel it’s best? The mental body or experiences of the mind and our ability to process information: the emotional body being in a body and feeling: and the spiritual body or our soul which is housed in our physical body. Our spiritual body has access to the physical, emotional and mental realms.

The cycle of life and death relates to the connection physically between the living planet and human life. The connection between Earth and humans is organic. Earth is in balance with humans and when we are ill she reflects illness as well. Observing the earth’s climate and seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat in regard to small adjustments in earth’s orbit, allows us to understand the current warming trends is very likely human induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years..Adjustments are seriously needed to regain Balance and restore the physical wellness of our planet which is needed to sustain our life force. This cooperative balance between planet and humans relates to the seasons and world climate conditions…in other words, we are as interconnected to the planet we live on as we are to the people we interact with in our daily life.

Sonja discusses Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross who observed that the best way to prepare for your eventual dying is to observe the little deaths life continually provides. In other words, change is happening on a daily basis. Each cycle of completion is an opportunity to glean the lessons of that cycle ending and to open up to what comes next. Example, each season of change shows birth, death, creation and renewal…children leaving our nest and establishing their families show continued creation, birth, and death following the seasons, and the religions also follow this pattern in teaching us to respect life and death as a continuous process.

Sonja explains how we must connect to the earth and begin to understand that this connection to the earth is helping us navigate the changes physically affecting so many of us as we physically suffer the aches and pains of our daily life experiences. Sonja talks of a higher frequency called the Fifth dimension. Many people are experiencing pain and discomfort due to their own frequencies not matching the tremendous shift that has taken place in our galaxy. These higher frequencies will uncover the layers or level of our psyche that we often protect or deny in order to keep the status quo and as a result of the removal of these layers of thought, we will further download this higher awareness and intelligence and the soul body will heal at the deepest levels of our being.

Sonia gives us practical ways people may connect to earth’s healing energies and may successfully transform their own physical bodies and spiritual growth during these critical times. The New Age Culture has produced many people who feel connected to Spirit and the earth. There is awareness that there is more to the Universe than we were told as children and a deep feeling among many that we are highly sensitive beings that gravitate to the heart of all living things: most especially the Earth. The interpretations from the Native American culture has shown us we can create a connection to Mother Earth though our own prayers and respect for her without taking someone else’s way. In other words, we can take the time and learn to appreciate other cultures and share in their wisdom if we are “invited.” Other cultures may be less open and maintain certain requirements for entry into their lifestyle. The power a person can feel through moving through other realms or wisdom teachings is enticing and offer both sensitivity and order, but proper training, patience and respect for the individual traditions and ways must be honored.

Sonja says the earth shows us our own eternal nature through the death process. Death is a part of life and through her yearly seasons reminds us to not be attached to this physical form. It is our attachment that keeps us bound by our Karmic experience and prevents us from our own evolution. The earth teaches us everything we need to know about accepting change to release and be open to the opportunity to receive new energy.

I quote from Sonja’s Earth Mission Statement:

As a warrior of the light, your greatest path is to surrender to your own resistance Do not succumb to your fear for it is fear itself that manifests before your eyes… Carry the sword of light and make claim to nothing in this world as we are but visitors creating higher energy in physical form. Honor the Goddess for it is her life, the Earth that sustains us and keeps us alive. Heal all of the imperfections you see in others within yourself, and hold true to the knowledge that if you heal yourself, you will heal the world

Sonja wisely suggests that forgiveness is the beginning and end of living. Forgiveness is the key ingredient to a successful passage into the spirit realm. We can teach people to forgive from a young age…Tell your children that to forgive one another- friends, cousins and parents, is a way of helping to heal those people, their feelings and to know we also may forgive ourselves and be forgiven by others. Help your child learn how to be heard, seen, felt and understood through their visual, emotional, mental and spiritual ways of learning.

Sonja and Sheryl, as practicing intuitive healers, aware of the life and death cycles, have shared ideas on how to creatively value life, love, and the promise of growth and change. Being in alignment to the layers of the seasons of the Earth and the layers of our psyche is much the same. Sheryl expresses it much in these following words… “Love is not limited in any way to any one person or group of people for Love is an expansion of our soul which is a fragment of Light, of Universal Energy or Creation, and is never ending but only more radiant as we develop, allow, and accept our own divinity”…Sonja writes and I wholeheartedly agree….”The healing process for the soul is to feel our feelings….Seeing through the layers of the human condition we start to recognize the patterns of what we experienced in this lifetime and our past lives, enriching us with knowledge to feel our feelings and clear through forgiveness. This process is necessary so we can heal and love at the deepest level of our being. Imagine how much you love your mother and father or your children..Feel that feeling in your body and now feel that amount of love for everyone in the world…Our families are simply the learning ground for our much bigger Earth family.”

Guest: Sonja Grace