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Brett Goldstein

Your Money Show – Human Resources  talked about the need for every business to have a Human Resources department.  ICE, U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office has collected over $13 million in fines as of 2012 for lack of proper paperwork.  Even if your company doesn’t hire immigrants you still need to complete certain forms and keep them on file.  In 2013 one company was fined $34 million for not having the right paperwork.

Your Money Show also talked about The Health Insurance Mandate and what business owners need to do.  Even if businesses don’t offer health insurance to their employees, their is a notice that needs to be handed out to all employees.  This notice talks about the availability of health insurance through the employer and also through the Federal or State exchange.  To many businesses think they are exempt from the rules because they are to small.  We talk about what all business owners need to do to avoid fines.  Just one bitter employee can report you for not handing out the right notice.  Fines can average between $100-11,000 per employee.

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