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The Book of Dad – Conservative Dilemma

As the next general election hour glass starts to shift, Americans ponder to make their stance on being conservative or liberal.  These terms are normally  associated with citizens falling on either side of dichotomies associated with race, political affiliation, age and other ways people tend to segregate and associate with each-other.  Conservatism is normally associated with “retaining traditional social institutions” or as some may see it, natural selection.  Conservatism has historically been associated with the dominate white male, ruling his society through laws, education and employment.  And, guaranteeing all due process.  The liberal on the other hand is associated with the opposite, so much so that the term conservative scares and intimidates them.  We beg to differ, there is a significant sample of the population who sees themselves as conservative, and don’t fit the traditional demographic mode, nor are they locked in on either side of the dichotomy; they simply want an informed society. Today we talk with two conservative citizens, Darryl Wilson and Montez Diamond of the non-partisan Conservative Alliance who simply want just that, an informed society.  We discuss the dilemma associated with conservatism, being conservative, and a major event that serves to inform society, the Georgia Conservative Summit.   

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Darryl Wilson

A staunch advocate of conservative America in the tradition of abolitionist Douglass and civil rights movement.  A military brat, he traveled throughout the country and abroad, learning every nuance of freedom and subject to various shades of bigotry and bias.  Darrell graduated from Kentucky State University, he went on to become the first KSU graduate to become a combat qualified Naval Aviator, and served 9 years as an Division Officer, flight instructor, he now flies as Captain at one of the largest airlines in the world.  Father of 4,  he and his family have resided in and served communities from Pensacola, Florida to Tuskegee, Alabama to Denver, Colorado and now makes his home in the north suburbs of Atlanta.  If there was ever someone that “gets it”, who has seen and witness life’s ups and downs and has vision beyond the normal harmonies and discords of the daily grind, it is this man.  He continues to take the road less traveled and to influence individuals and institutions alike, to never give up, never say die, and to always strive to be a more perfect union.

Ms Montez Diamond

Montez Diamond is a training and education advocate that has served in multiple leadership capacities for various organizations. Committed to supporting people, she responds to educational crises and preventing additional challenges through youth mentorship and promoting strength-based solutions. Her drive and motivation allows her to be an effective and creative trainer and facilitator. She served as a mentor, Public Speaking instructor and guest speaker for Year Up Atlanta, Clark Atlanta University, ITT Technical Institute and The Ray Croc Salvation Army Center. A critical thinker who explores dilemmas, her life’s mission is to use the power of communication to strengthen the human condition to the end of uplifting encouraging others, a Masters of Conflict Management student, she is a GED instructor for the Atlanta Public School’s Adult Education Program.