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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Keys to Revitalizing Your Water

Adam welcomes MJ Pangman, co-author, with Melanie Evans, of Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water, to discuss new insights that have been gained since the book was first introduced in 2011. Pangman also served as editor of The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key; Scientific Evidence of Hexagonal Water and its positive influence on health! by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon.

This is no conventional look at water. Topics covered include ways to “structure” water, including the use of diamonds, Azumar, and shungite, a mineral from Russia, water’s tendency to record, store, and transmit information, and the importance of “clearing” it, how water picks up vibrational information, and the power of the vortex.

To be one of the most critical elements to our existence, water is one of the easiest substances to dismiss or overlook. Not only does water act as a necessary “activator” for virtually everything we consume; it serves as a necessary environment by and in which to begin life, and to experience it, by carrying a small ocean with us everywhere we go.

The sad fact is that by the time we’re ready to use it, most water is not fit to be used. The good news is that remedies exist, and are available to those who are willing to address the situation differently.

After spending seven years researching water, as well as talking with inventors and other scientists on the subject (the latest being Dr. Gerald Pollack, professor of bio-engineering at the University of Washington), Adam invites you to join him on this dance.

It could change your life.


MJ Pangman’s web site:

Photonic Water Systems