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Stephanie Erickson

Caregiver’s Circle – How to Evaluate Whether a Senior should Stay at Home with Help or Move to a Residence; How to Evaluate Residences – part 2

You know that your aging relative can no longer stay at home safely and that now is the time for them to move into a residence that provides care and support.  So now what?  How do you navigate this difficult process?  Join us as our guest, Marie-Claude Giguère, author of the award winning book: Stay or Move? How to Talk to Seniors about Their Changing Needs and Retirement Residence ( ) , provides tips on how to evaluate residences in order to choose the most appropriate location .  Host, Stephanie Erickson, and Marie-Claude Giguère discuss different aspects of residences and what to look for during your visits.  In addition, they explore the impact of moving on the senior and his or her family.  Listeners can also visit to access worksheets to assist in making this difficult decision.