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The Roots of Health

Meredith Rhodes Carson

The Roots of Health – Rethinking Clean with Jasmina Aganovic

What does it mean to be clean? Our daily routine is strongly influenced by our requirement to be clean… and, why not? If our perception is that clean = healthy – then we’re doing all of the right things, right?

Let’s consider this as we walk through a typical morning routine in your house. After you get up in the morning, you probably hop in the shower to scrub your body with soap & to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner… Then you might use lotions & fragrances & deodorants to combat dry skin and future-potential-offensive odors… Then you’ll throw on some clothes that were washed with detergents and maybe tumbled dry with fabric softener… Next you head to the kitchen to make breakfast on clean – bacteria-free countertops and serve it from clean plates straight from your dishwasher…

We sure are clean. But what if clean – as we currently define it – is NOT healthy?

My guest today spends a lot of her time re-thinking what it means to be ‘clean’ in this modern world. Jasmina Aganovic is the General Manager of Consumer Products at a skincare biotech company called AOBiome. They are currently developing products for you based on the microbiome of your skin.

Jasmina and I talk about the definition of ‘clean’, about the skin ecosystem and how our current ideas of ‘clean’ may be doing us more harm than good, how can we re-define clean and what can you do in your life to cultivate your skin health. Jasmina talks about the AO+ Mist, an ammonia oxidizing bacterial mist developed by AOBiome to re-balance our skin ecosystem – to get the benefits of soil bacteria on our skin without the dirt.

We end with the very interesting story behind the development of the AO+ Mist. It is David Whitlock’s story; he’s a man committed to reconnecting the human species with its natural environment in our modern world – and a picture of ancestral health. AOBiome proposes that the skin microbiome be considered as an important part of redefining what it means to be clean.

Enjoy the show.

Jasmina’s Bio

Jasmina Aganovic is the General Manager of Consumer Products at AOBiome, a skincare biotech company that is developing products based on the microbiome of the skin. She is a cosmetics and consumer goods entrepreneur who received her degree in chemical and biological engineering from MIT. Her unconventional path combined her technical background with roles at brands like LVMH, Fresh, NutraClick and Living Proof. She has extensive experience developing natural skincare products, brand-building, manufacturing partnerships, product launch strategy, digital advertising and direct sales.