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Your Money Show – Family Medical Leave Update and 401k Loans  talked the updates to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  The Dept of Labor is making changes to the definition of a spouse under FMLA.  Under the new guidelines same sex marriages and common law marriages will be recognized under FMLA.  The new law which goes into effect March 27th, will not include domestic partners and civil unions.  The move will reduce administrative paperwork and burdens on employers.  Now employers only need to know what state your same sex marriage or common law marriage was in and whether its legal in that state.

Your Money Show also talked about the pros and cons of COBRA.  When you quit your job or get fired, you are entitled to COBRA.  The question since The Affordable Care Act is whether COBRA will fade away.  COBRA is more expensive than the insurance you can buy on the state or federal insurance exchange.   COBRA can cost as much as 102% of the premium.  COBRA also runs out in 18 months.  With the exchange your premiums will be lower and it doesn’t run out.

However there are many reasons to keep COBRA and not pick up your insurance on an exchange.  1. your doctors don’t take the insurance on the exchange.  2. the deductibles are higher on a exchange plan 3. you already met your deductible for the year on your current plan.

Your Money Show also talked with William Ury on his book Getting To Yes, With Yourself.  Mr. Ury also gave great tips on negotiating with your boss for a raise or an angry customer.

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