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Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey For Truth – Unconditional Healing and Adrenaline Dominance

Darlene Capalbo, author of Unconditional Healing, discovered that whatever we’re trying to heal or overcome, we can do it. She takes us on a journey of discovery in how she came to understand how simple healing can be-even in the face of adversity. Then Dr. Michael Platt, author of Adrenaline Dominance, has much to say about the medical association! Dr. Platt speaks of how adrenaline dominance plays a large role in many health difficulties. Not only that, he says the medical association would rather keep us in the dark and prescribe medications than address the real health issues at their core. Why? Don’t most doctors want to help us heal our diseases? Not according to Dr. Platt, a medical doctor himself. What can we do about it?