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Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – What’s Mom Still Got to Do With It?

Have you ever thought about how or if your relationship with your mother has influenced your career?  Ever felt or said any of THESE things?

  • “I’m going to exceed her dreams”;
  • “I’m never going to end up like my mom”;
  •  “I’m raising my own daughter in the same/opposite way”;
  •  “I have strong reactions (positive and negative) with female bosses.”

Girls this week on Architect of Change” radio show, we are going to figure this out and get a bead on reality with Ilana Levitt, – she’s a top career counselor, a licensed professional counselor and a licensed mental health counselor.  Ilana is going to help us determine once and for all, “What’s Mom Still Got To Do With IT?”