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Anthony And Amanda Bennie

Bennie And The Pets – Global Pet Expo 2015

Global Pet Expo 2015 “Bark to Bark” Coverage! We bring you behind the scenes at this huge industry-only event.

Guests and Features: (in order of appearance)

Intro from Anthony and Amanda: What’s the Global Pet Expo all about?

Day one: Bark Box Party live remote; special guest Melissa Seligmann, Bark Box buyer and overall good sport!

Day two: Bob Vetere, President of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the trade organization of record for the pet products industry and producers of the Global Pet Expo.Topics include the pet care industry’s ongoing efforts to defeat anti-pet sales legislation that could drastically diminish the right to responsibly share our lives with companion animals.

CannaVet: A new cannabis-based nutritional supplement for pets. Guests: CoFounders Dr. Sarah Brandon, DVM, and Dr. Greg Copas, DVM With marijuana being legalized
in some states and decriminalized for medical use in many others, it was only a matter of time before someone brought this amazing medicinal herb into the mainstream of holistic pet care. Drs. Brandon and Copas shed light on this new frontier, a must hear for anyone interested in
this hot topic!

Day Three: Trainers, bloggers, alkaline pet foods, and help-wanted in the pet care industry! Jamie Popper and Roux, Wham-O! : Jamie is a high energy trainer, Roux is her rockin’ Aussie Shepherd. They’ve been tapped as a spokes-team by Wham-O Corp. for a new line of dog Frisbees®! Bob Vela and Luke Pfeifle: NV Pets/ Canine Caviar pet foods: Why alkaline pet foods may be a new way to help sick animals. Jessica Shipman, Blogger: Beagles and Bargains: Jessicahas a fun blog with cool products. But Anthony can’t help calling it “Bagels and Bargains.” Oy Vay! Jamie Migdal, Jamie has launched a great new site that helps folks to finda job or recruit staff in the supercharged pet care industry! And was that Timmy or Tommy that Lassie rescued from the well??

Anthony and Amanda Wrap-Up: Final thoughts from the show; when is a big pet food company
TOO big?
Woof Woof, THAT’S ALL, FOLKS!! Check