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Caregivers' Circle

Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – Cancer and its Impact on the Patient and the Family – Tips on how to Support Patients and Caregivers Equally.

Cancer is a scary word for most.  From the moment of diagnosis, the family system can be thrown into a state of chaos or paralysation.  Communication can break down within families as the patient and family try to make sense of the diagnosis and its short and long term impact.  This week’s guest, Bob Riter, shares his personal and professional experiences about how cancer can impact the family.  As a cancer survivor, author of When Your Life is Touched by Cancer: Practical Advice and Insights for Patients, Professionals and Those Who Care and as the Executive Director of the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Bob offers advice, tips and resources for the entire family so that both the caregiver and patient receive the support and assistance that they need.