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Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less!

Robyn Pearce

Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less! -How to find your business ‘X’ factor – and transform ordinary marketing into magic

 There are seven key marketing areas to focus on if you wish to motivate customers into spending their money with you. As our guest Michael Major will share with you, people buy people rather than productsIn clear no-nonsense terms he will outline his ‘7 Pillars to Build Your Brand’

They are: –

  1. Being Part of a Tribe – A Sense of Belonging
  2. An Inclusive Future and Clarity of Purpose – A Clear Vision
  3. Experientially Engaging – Sensory Appeal
  4. An Engaging Never Ending Narrative – Storytelling
  5. Ideology – A Powerful Presence
  6. Raving Loyal Fans – Advocacy
  7. Magic – Rituals/Symbols/Myths & Legends


You can get the ebook by emailing with ‘Michael Major’s ebook please’ in the subject line.