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Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready For College? – What goes on “Outside” of School? 5 Ways Parents can help Teens get Ready for College

Ideally, 9th grade is the pivotal year for students to start getting ready for college — a time that parents should start playing important roles in the process.

As Dr. Bob Neuman often says to students, “You really start college on the first day of high school.” And the researchers agree. True, college seems so far away but by the summer after sophomore year, you and your child could be visiting campuses: beginning the “shopping” process.

Today’s program talks about a few ways that parents can use the teen years to help their child get ready to handle college.

  • Why parents must step back — and let their children learn to solve their own problems (usually of their own making). Self-sufficiency is so important in college.
  • Warning: Those parents who “go to bat” for their teens at school are creating college problems.
  • How do you talk about school and teachers within your home? If you’re openly critical, what long-range harm does that do? A lot.
  • Are you unwittingly raising a quitter?
  • Do daily routines squeeze out study time? Now what?
  • How can you gradually help your child begin to sort through what they want “to be” when they grow up? It’s a gradual process. Waiting too long can be expensive, stressful, and confusing.

College is important to your child’s life, as well as expensive. Help your child get off on the right foot. Listen to today’s conversation.