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Brett Goldstein

Your Money Show – Divorce  talked about getting divorced.

Our guest Deanna Lucci a divorce lawyer from the DiMascio & Associates, LLP law firm talked about divorce law in NY.  Deanna talked about the reasons why you can get divorced in NY.  Now, a New York couple may get a no-fault divorce if one of them states, under oath, that the marriage has broken down irretrievably for at least six months.  Yes lack of sex by either party would qualify.

Deanna also talked about the benefits of a pre-nup and separation agreements.

We even asked her what happens when one of the spouses takes the money in the bank account and the other spouse cant afford an attorney.  Deanna’s advice was to make a motion to have the other spouse  to pay a retainer fee for an attorney for the other spouse in a divorce case.

Deanna also had great advice about QDROS, keeping some bank accounts separate, dead beat dads and more.