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Breakout – Newt Interviews ZocDoc COO & Founder Dr. Oliver Kharraz

In this episode of the Breakout with Newt Gingrich podcast, Newt interviews the COO and Founder of ZocDoc, Dr. Oliver  Kharraz. ZocDoc is a free service that allows patients to locate a doctor by insurance, area and availability. It’s as simple as going to the ZocDoc website or using the ZocDoc app and entering your zip code. Within seconds it pulls together a list of available doctors who have open appointments. The national average to see a physician is currently 18.5 days, while the typical ZocDoc appointment takes place is less than 24 hours. Dr. Kharraz and ZocDoc are totally transforming how we think about healthcare by challenging the status quo and using 21st century technology to implement positive change.

For more information, visit ZocDoc.com.

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