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Your Money Show – The Death of Employee Benefits  talked about The Death of Employee Benefits.

The number of retirement plans in American has declined since 2008.  Business owners large and small are getting rid of their retirement plans.  The number one requested employee benefit is bonuses. Employees, especially younger ones, are looking at the current situation and they aren’t interested in retirement.  They are looking at their current situation.

Older employees are interested in other employee benefits like life and health insurance.  The problem is that insurance and other things have gotten more expensive and business owners can no longer provide retirement plan benefits to employees.

What can you do? Be prepared to do it the hard way. Now, let me tell you secret.  There are no secrets to saving for retirement. The same principles that will make you successful today, are the same principles used 30 years ago.  If you are investing in stocks or mutual funds; buy low, sell high, invest in high quality investments. If you are saving for retirement; make more, spend less, save what you don’t spend.

As a result, if you want to retire, you’re the one who is going to have to take action.