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Inside the Writer's Cafe with Cheryl Nason

Cheryl Nason

Inside the Writer’s Cafe with Cheryl Nason – Political Intrigue, Murder, Mayhem and Escape! INFORMER 2: The Treachery of Friends by Rhoan Flowers and ROAD TO FREEDOM: From Behind The Iron Curtain by Alfred Lenarciak

INFORMER 2:  The Treachery of Friends by Rhoan Flowers  

This is the second novel in Rhoan’s Canadian political gangster series. The novel begins with murder, and mayhem at a society party and continues with blackmail of the Prime Minister of Canada, Mathew Layton. After Kevin and his crew killed Martain and his gang of rough riders, a retired member of the coveted secret society summoned the help of Western bikers to eliminate those responsible. With the removal of Kevin from his drug empire, Damian takes over as leader and quickly rekindles the conflict between Kadeem, whose only interest is to find the kidnapped child. Kevin, who was slated for extradition, eventually finds out about his missing son and leaves no stones unturned to find him. Kane becomes an activist for his people and orchestrates the biggest transit disruption in Quebec’s history, where he and his warriors create blockades at a number of routes across their territory.

ROAD TO FREEDOM:  From Behind The Iron Curtain by Alfred Lenarciak

Road To Freedom:  From Behind The Iron Curtain is the story of a young man (Albert) from Communist Poland preparing his escape to the free world. It takes him many years of struggling to prepare his plan. The story includes a hair-raising trip from Poland, through the Iron Curtain to Paris.  When Albert is discovered without papers, he learns that escaping Communist oppression doesn’t mean he will be welcomed with open arms in the free world. Surviving for almost a year, hunted by the French police and facing deportation back to Poland, he finally prevails finding freedom in North America.