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Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready For College? – Where’s Waldo? Or How to Look for Information on College Websites

Dr. Bob and Jude take you through 4 school websites— a two-year community college and 3 four-year college sites to tell you what to look for and why it’s so important.

College is about finding a direction in life — even if your child doesn’t have a goal yet. Undecided college students need to find a school with enough offerings to find their way.

College websites are full of information. They should be your first step as a parent in beginning a college search. It’s a great way to explore colleges and doesn’t cost a cent. You and your child should visit websites to learn about all the schools your child might apply to. Then, together, you talk about what you’ve learned and reasons why you like these schools.

Only then do you put a particular school on your short- list of colleges. (As we said in the last program, always apply to at least 4 to 6.)

Know that these websites contain everything you need to know. However, they don’t all have the same structure. You may have to “look for Waldo” to find specifics. But here’s the good news. Every page is filled with good information. And to prepare for college visits, you and your student should read these websites from front to back.