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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – 1 in 3 Americans are on the Verge of Financial Ruin!

The rich keep getting richer, but most Americans aren’t so lucky!

According to a survey released recently by, 37% of Americans have credit card debt that equals or exceeds their emergency savings.  Not only do they not have enough savings, they’ve used up some portion of their available credit, so they are running out of options when— and I say when— the next unforeseen emergency expense comes calling.

For some, it will be health care expenses and others…car trouble, both items that most Americans must-pay to keep working and keep income coming in.

Join me today as my guest, Jeff Mose, a partner in Frederick Financial Group, and I discuss what needs to happen in your financial strategy to make sure that you have those emergency funds today and in the future when it’s time to retire.

DEBT does not need to be a 4-letter word!  Don’t be embarrassed!  We’ve all been in debt and we can all get out of debt…it just takes a plan.  You may need to start first by saving enough to handle short-term emergencies and then concentrating on one high-interest rate credit card at a time.  The important thing is to take action!

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