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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Vibrational Energy with Jill Mattson

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host, Sheryl Glick, Reiki Energy Master Teacher/Medium and author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite love welcomes Jill Mattson author of Ancient Sounds Modern Healing and Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing. Jill is a sound healing composer and an expert in the emerging field of vibrational energy.

Sheryl relates to Jill that music and becoming aware of sound as well as the energy transference of Universal energy during Reiki healing sessions has been a large part of her emerging awareness of the power of the Human Spirit to align to a higher vibration to find healing and peace. At a sound bowl healing workshop, Sheryl was able while meditating to merge with the different vibrations allowing her to release tiredness and any stresses that existed within and felt so joyful and alive after the experience.

Jill suggests we may gain a greater view of Music, vibrational influences for affecting our health and thought processes for clearing old thinking and for creating states of positive intentions learning how sound/music changes your brainwaves and thinking patterns, how music can release deep emotional pain and perhaps build virtues, how music and sound can change your physical body and spiritual life and how you can change your voice for health, wealth, relationships and other good things.

Jill writes, “My personal interest in Sound Healing and expanding consciousness was the result of my lifelong love affair with music, coupled with my personal spiritual quest, which I started in earnest about 25 years ago. I was drawn to the study of antiquity; specifically I examined methods employing Sound Healing and music to alter and improve mind, body, emotions, energy and spiritual aspects of practitioners’ lives. I collected voluminous materials on Sound Healing over many years. This prompted me to write a book on Sound Healing where I included interviews with leading researchers and scientists in the field.”

Jill’s book, Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing is a cutting-edge book about inventor Sharry Edwards. Edwards unravelled sound healing mysteries, which ultimately empower the body to heal itself. This is the story of how the promise of tomorrow’s science came into being with the discovery of the mysteries that are encoded in the voice, as well as techniques for tuning the body with sound. This new science, called Bioacoustics, uses sound for a myriad of purposes, previously never imagined. The book covers the scientific basis for Edwards’s sound healing principles. Highlights of the book include discovering the secret language of your body, improving relationships with vibrations, understanding sound-based mysteries in your subconscious mind, adjusting your experience of astrological frequencies, and ascending to a higher level of being, using the most exciting unexplored power of the twenty-first century: Sound.

Sheryl says “for several years I attended such a mystery school much like Plato and Socrates who explored the Soul and its eternal essence. All mystery schools search for a greater awareness of Universal Energy or Source and the understanding of creation and evolution. At those group meetings Sheryl and the other participants read ancient masters, poetry, listened to music, meditated and deepened our understanding of Self. There was peace and a sense of Oneness in such a group of like-minded people.”

Sheryl asks Jill how sound/music can change your brainwaves and thinking patterns. Jill says when your brain is using theta brain waves, your body repairs and creates many bio chemicals for health. the Sound & Light Machine produces theta brain waves, where you may be able to get the benefits of deep sleep. “Often I fell asleep from there, but at other times I just remained in a deep meditative state and it felt almost as good as receiving a good night sleep.” Sheryl suggests that in her Reiki energy healing sessions the client is able to be in a light meditative state and to completely relax rejuvenate the body and set up a climate for self-healing.

Music/sound can change your physical body and spiritual life in many ways. Jill says “I blend my original music with ancient techniques and included special sounds in the tracks. The end result is pleasing and beneficial on multiple levels. Many people enjoy the music as a normal listening experience; more significantly other people have been able to reach new levels of consciousness, peace and wellness by focused listening to my compositions.”

The Mind’s Eye Sound & Light machine is a tool used to transport the user to brainwave states after the first use. This device effectively produces desirable states of consciousness for the user, such as a deep meditative trance( in which your body rejuvenates and heals; simultaneously producing transcending and transformative insights.) Tibetan monks spend decades learning these deep meditative techniques, enabling new levels of consciousness and special body control. These same states can be readily obtained by using the MIND’S EYE, as Jill writes.

Jill provides us with many techniques the Mind’s Eye can be used for :

  1. Enhanced Learning and Self Development – Super achievers are powerful learners. And in this information age, knowledge, more than ever, means growth and success. Improve memorization and concentration skills, learn new languages, prepare for tests, and read and comprehend more efficiently. Let the MIND’S EYE Sound and Light machine give you that strategic edge.
  2. Stress Management & Deep Relaxation – Managing stress is absolutely essential for physical health and a sense of well-being. And to be an achiever, you need to have the capacity to stay cool under pressure and perform with elegance in challenging situations. By programming your mind to automatically dip into a state of relaxation, a deep meditative state, you can cut a groove that pays off when you least expect it and need it most – in a completely safe, drug-free, and natural way!
  3.  Creativity & Change – Synchronize the right and left hemispheres of your brain and unlock the door to creative breakthroughs. Use the VOYAGER Sound and Light machine as a tool to access the state of mind where you are most receptive to creative insights. Develop the capacity to make quantum leaps in thought. Trigger you imagination with a light show like you’ve never seen before!
  4.  Increased Energy – What good would expanded mental awareness, grace under pressure, and accelerated learning be without the energy to take advantage of these improvements? The MIND’S EYE and the GALAXY Sound and Light machines are programmed with sessions to help you tap into this boundless energy.
  5.  Meditation & Rejuvenating Sleep – When it’s time to sleep, you don’t want to toss and turn. The MIND’S EYE Sound and Light machine gently soothes your mind and brings restful sleep naturally, without the use of drugs. It can take years to acquire advanced meditation skills, but not with the MIND’S EYE or GALAXY Sound and Light machine. Within minutes you can achieve deep meditation awareness and states.

Sheryl says “After interviewing voice coach and metaphysician Stewart Pearce, author of The Alchemy of Voice, and discussing that the voice reflects the journey of our inner being or soul life carrying with it karma and past life situations which can be a part of the vibration and sound patterns of an individual. Many of us have noticed certain voices are uplifting, calming or create friction or agitation…so the inner workings of a person’s emotional state, fears, and limitations, may be noted by the tone and vibration of the voice. As one develops themselves from within, releasing blockages and traumas of the past, at the cellular level, the voice then begins to reflect a new state of conscious awareness and tone. Therefore it takes great inner work to make a change in the quality of our voice; but the change is well worth it if you choose to let your voice be an instrument for harmony and balance in the world. In my book, The Living Spirit, where I suggest methods to achieve balance, courage and self confidence in pursuit of our life goals, the following techniques are suggested so we may remember that consistency in any behavior brings about whatever we wish to manifest and create for our happiness and highest good. Along with mediation and visualization techniques, we may recharge through solitude after coming into contact with negative energies and may find it helpful to listen to music, read, exercise, walk in nature, or utilize water through drinking, bathing, and observation of an ocean, lake or river.”

Sheryl asks how can sound/music be used to affect your IQ and body chemistry? Jill says the Sound and Light Machine can also help one to learn quick and enhance his or her IQ.

Jill also says “Next time you feel a strong negative energy…even when watching such negative energy on TV… create a tone to represent that negative energy. It should be a low tone… and a vowel sound… like “uh”… or “oh.” Use your imagination as there is no absolute correct tone…. You can’t do this incorrectly!”

Sound your negative tone for 20 to 30 seconds… Feel the negative energy and then, with your voice, raise the tone an octave. An octave is the exact same note only it is 8 notes higher….The negative energy will now feel less potent….Continue this for about 30 seconds and then raise the tone up yet another octave. It doesn’t matter if your voice sounds good or not… you are just using your voice to raise the energy, making it more positive.

Soon you will not be able to raise the energy with your voice because it can’t go any higher. So think of the tone an octave higher… As you raise the tone, it gets higher and lighter and soon it will not be negative at all. You have the uncharitable energy from a nasty glare but it is now delightful energy. Imagine the energy comes down octaves, retaining its light and uplifting feelings. Ingest this energy into your mood and energy bodies. It will be powerful energy that you can use for good purposes!

We have discussed how Jill’s cutting edge music which may include frequencies of flower essences or emotional catharsis and virtue building energy along with celestial music with tones from ancient Egypt and celestial bodies, Sound based beauty treatments, Binaural beats and Meditative music, countering negative astrological energies and ascended master and angelic channeled energies are part of the tools and magic that bring healing to us in the form of music and vibrational tones.

Like art and the visual or sensual ways we explore enjoy and master and conquer the fears and limitations of our inner life force to find our way forward towards creating a healthy vibrant beautiful and compassionate way of living our physical life with purpose and personal growth… Music is a gift and a powerful force for healing, for experiencing unconditional love and learning about the world of eternal energy and our potential to shine as stars in our physical and spiritual life journeys. As we must listen to the inner voice of intuition which helps us remember why we chose a physical incarnation in the first place…. Music helps us remember the whispers and voices of loved ones in Spirit- Guides, Souls, Angels, and Universal Source reminding us we are never alone, are loved always and have the potential to dream and create miracles in our everyday life experiences.

Jill and Sheryl would ask you to recognize the importance of music and the sounds that are in your daily life focusing on those voices and vibrations that bring you peace comfort and inspire you to discover your heart based energies of love and compassion learning to filter out that that no longer serves you. Being aware of voices and how tones and words help to develop your best instincts for making good choices for what serves you best and also allows you to remain in a loving and peaceful state when surrounded by delightful musical and harmonious tones and vibrations will draw more of those positive and joyful experiences into your daily life.

Guest: Jill Mattson